[eBook] A Valuable Book of Business: Preparing for sale, transfer, or growth in your agency

What makes a book of business valuable? In this eBook, we'll discuss the factors of a valuable book, how to make your data more valuable, and how to maintain it going forward.

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A Valuable Book of Business

25% of all insurance agents are expected to be retired by 2018. So, agency owners are beginning to plan for what’s next. They’re thinking: who will I pass my book of business on to? Is it ready to sell or pass along to a family member? How valuable is it?

Valuable Book-of-Business eBook

In this eBook, you'll learn:

  • What is "valuable" data?
  • What factors make up a valuable book of business?
  • How can you make your book of business more valuable?
  • How much does database management affect value?

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