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With AgencyBloc, your life and health insurance agency has all the features needed to organize your agency, communicate with clients and prospects, and grow your business from anywhere.

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The #1 Agency Recommended Management Platform

AgencyBloc is an agency management system built specifically for life and health insurance agencies. Track prospects and clients, manage policies, process commissions, automate tasks and communication, manage your sales process, run detailed analyses on your book of business, and more. All of your data is kept secure and is easily accessible 24/7 from any device.

CRM for Insurance Agencies

Life & Health Insurance CRM

AgencyBloc is designed specifically for life and health insurance agencies who want to run an efficient and organized business. Manage prospects, clients, policies (including enrollments and elections), agents, and carriers in one central location. With AgencyBloc, dramatically reduce the time spent entering data, and quickly and easily find the information you need when you need it.

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AgencyBloc Policy Management

Policy Management

With AgencyBloc’s industry-specific CRM, you can track more than contacts—something not easily done in a generic CRM. View carrier, coverage type, payment information, enrollments and elections, agent information, and more all from one screen. AgencyBloc integrates with many enrollment platforms so you can focus on selling, not data entry.

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AgencyBloc Calendar Activities

Activity Tracking

Your agency has a lot of moving parts—keep track of them all. Assign tasks to yourself and others, and include any important notes and attachments. Sort and filter your to-dos by status, due date, and more to help you prioritize your day. View activities in a list or on a calendar to see your workload at a glance. Plus, use Automated Workflows to automatically assign activities based on criteria you set.

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Automation Tools for Insurance Agencies

With AgencyBloc, agencies have saved hundreds of hours a month and thousands of dollars in resources using Automated Workflows.

CRM for Insurance Agencies

Insurance Automation

AgencyBloc’s Automated Workflows help insurance agencies turn manual, time-consuming tasks into automatic, consistent processes. Create workflows based on lead form submissions, client and policy activity, agent license renewals, and so much more. With AgencyBloc, agencies have saved hundreds of hours a month and thousands of dollars in resources after implementing workflow automation.

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AgencyBloc Policy Renewal Automation

Policy Renewal Automation

One popular way life and health agencies are using AgencyBloc’s Automated Workflows is to automate much of the communication and task assignment around policy renewals. Automatically assign follow-ups and send emails based on policy renewal dates to ensure nothing throughout the process is missed.

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AgencyBloc Agent License Reminder Automation

Agent License Expiration Reminders

Another popular way Automated Workflows are used is to make it easy for your agents and producers to stay on schedule for renewing licenses and certifications. When any renewal or expiration dates are approaching, send a reminder to the agent to ensure timely renewal.

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Industry-Specific Lead & Sales Management

Using AgencyBloc's lead and sales management tools, like lead forms, lead sorting, and sales pipelines, effectively nurture leads and close more deals to grow your agency and book of business.

AgencyBloc Lead and Sales Management

Lead & Sales Management

Work leads effectively and close more deals with industry-specific sales management tools. Automate client and prospect communication and task reminders to ensure you never miss a step and continue providing value throughout the relationship. Agencies using AgencyBloc have increased their agent force and grown their books of business 10-40%.

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AgencyBloc Lead Form Builder

Lead Forms

Greatly increase your chances of conversion by capturing leads at their peak level of interest with AgencyBloc’s Lead Forms and following up immediately using Automated Workflow. Sort leads to quickly highlight which ones need attention. Filter by servicing agent, status, lead source, lead date, activities due, and more.

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AgencyBloc Sales Pipeline

Sales Pipeline

Use AgencyBloc’s Sales Pipeline to visually see your sales processes for every type of business you sell. Build a pipeline for group health insurance, individual ACA, life insurance, Medicare, LTCI, ancillary products, renewals, and more. See all opportunities in a board-view to easily visualize your sales efforts. Track interactions, stage changes, and more with opportunity detail screens that show a complete history.

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Small Group Business Quoting & Proposals

Using Quote+, an AgencyBloc solution, brokers can compare all types of health insurance offerings, including community rated, medically underwritten, and ancillary products, in one central place with more valuable quoting and proposal tools.

AgencyBloc Quote+

Step-by-Step Benefits Quoting

Quote+ provides small group benefits brokers a walkthrough process for quoting employer groups for both community rated and medically underwritten health plans. Using Quote+, brokers can cut their time spent quoting and generating proposals for each of their employer groups in half.

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AgencyBloc Quote+

Compare Community Rated & Medically Underwritten Rates

With a secure, private marketplace to shop quotes from a variety of carriers for medically underwritten, community rated, and ancillary products, brokers save significant time. Map your employee data to pull accurate, complete quotes that are ready for presentation.

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AgencyBloc Quote+

Quickly Create Employer-Ready Proposals

Create and present employer-ready proposals that allow employer groups to compare products side-by-side. Quote+ is designed for benefits agencies that service employer groups. Pull together quotes from various carriers that offer medically underwritten and community rated health plans as well as ancillary products, like dental and vision. 

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Life & Health Insurance Commission Software

Using our proprietary commission mapping software, agencies using AgencyBloc have cut commissions processing time by 75% and identified thousands in missed commissions from carriers.

AgencyBloc Commission Module

Commissions Processing

AgencyBloc’s Commission Module helps insurance agencies of all sizes accurately and efficiently track and process commissions. Import carrier files, reconcile and identify inaccurate payments, and split and calculate payments using our proprietary processing tools. Determine revenue type, manage and track complex splits, and gain insight from detailed reports. With AgencyBloc, cut your processing time by 75%, and quickly identify any missed commissions from carriers.

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AgencyBloc Commission Reporting

Commissions Reporting

With AgencyBloc’s Commission Module, you’re able to analyze and report on your commission data for a better understanding of your agency’s productivity. See high-level insights with real-time dashboard analytics, and dive deeper with custom reporting. Using this information, you can track and monitor important KPIs, provide guidance to producers based on performance, and so much more.

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AgencyBloc Commission Reporting

Identifying Missed Commissions

AgencyBloc’s Commission Module helps you protect your bottom line by ensuring you’re receiving all you’re due from carriers. Track incoming payments, compare them to expected commissions, and resolve any missed payments knowing you have the information needed.

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In-Depth Insights on Your Data

AgencyBloc is an agency management system built specifically for life and health insurance agencies. Track prospects and clients, manage policies, process commissions, automate tasks and communication, manage your sales process, run detailed analysis on your book of business, and more. All of your data is kept secure and is easily accessible 24/7 from any device.

AgencyBloc Dashboard Analytics

Reporting & Dashboards

Using AgencyBloc’s real-time graphs and charts, custom dashboards, and reporting tools, you’re able to visualize the health of your business. View productivity, lead source trends, policy and commission data, and much more.

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AgencyBloc Custom Reporting

Custom Reporting

Run any of AgencyBloc's preset, industry-specific reports for reviewing data like lead sources, agent license renewal dates, carrier products, and more. Or, build your own custom reports with data on clients and prospects, agents, policies, carriers, and commissions. Save the reports and share with others on your team.

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