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With AgencyBloc, your life and health insurance agency has all the features needed to organize your agency, communicate with clients and prospects, and grow your business from anywhere.

AgencyBloc Agency Management System Tour

Manage Your Agency from Anywhere

Maintain a more organized and efficient agency with AgencyBloc. Quickly service clients, streamline communication and activities, and process and track commissions. Learn More

CRM for Insurance Agencies

A CRM Built for Insurance Agencies

Don’t trust your book of business to a generic CRM or spreadsheet. AgencyBloc is designed specifically for life and health insurance agencies who want to run an efficient and organized agency. Manage your agency more effectively with thorough client, prospect, and policy tracking, including enrollments and elections. With AgencyBloc, all the necessary information is in one place.

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AgencyBloc Commissions Processing

Process Commissions Quickly and Correctly

Spending countless hours manually processing commissions? With AgencyBloc’s proprietary mapping software, just import the carrier statements each pay period and AgencyBloc will take care of the splits for you. Our Commission Module makes sure that carriers are paying you everything they should be and that your payments are accurate.

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Workflow and Automation

Automate Your Agency

Automated workflow helps you spend less time on manual, time-consuming tasks and more time on your clients and prospects. When an event is triggered in AgencyBloc, a predetermined activity is created or email is sent. Create automated workflows to assign tasks to agents when a due date approaches, send emails to clients when their renewal date is near, and send emails to prospects to maintain contact.

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Enhance Client and Prospect Relationships

Automate client communication and funnel new leads directly into AgencyBloc. Use sales management and automation tools to work leads effectively and close more deals. Learn More

Sales pipeline close stages

Capture and Work Leads Effectively

Capture leads on your website with AgencyBloc’s integrated lead forms or through partner APIs. Work leads and opportunities as they move through your sales process. Customize your sales pipelines to fit your specific business needs and improve the processes you already have in place today.

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AgencyBloc Email Automation

Contact Clients and Prospects at the Right Time

Maintain constant contact with your clients and prospects with AgencyBloc’s marketing automation tools. Automatically send internal and external emails based on important events like following up with a new prospect, welcoming a new client, reminding clients of renewal dates, and more.

Automate your insurance agency

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AgencyBloc Advanced and Saved Searches

Find and Keep What You Need

Looking for the lead source of individuals or groups of a particular coverage type that just enrolled within the past two months? Quickly finding extremely detailed information couldn’t get easier. Search based on fields to find exactly what you need, and save it to review again in the future.

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Grow Your Business

Grow your business with AgencyBloc's workflow automation, email marketing, and real-time business monitoring tools. Learn More

Insurance Agency Sales Graph

See Your Agency in One Glance

Be proactive about your agency’s performance. AgencyBloc generates real-time graphs and charts and has custom reporting tools to help you always be aware of the health of your business. Visually appealing graphs show productivity, lead source information, policy and commissions data, and reports can be run based on criteria you determine.

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AgencyBloc Cross-Selling Email Campaign

Automate Marketing and Workflow

Grow your referral business and your client base by maintaining constant communication via email, and be sure a follow-up is never missed by automatically assigning tasks or reminders. Utilize AgencyBloc to identify cross-selling opportunities, identify profitable lead sources and continually grow your business.

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AgencyBloc Dashboard Analytics

Prospecting and Lead Tracking

With AgencyBloc, track your leads throughout the sales cycle, and quickly identify your best lead sources. With individual statuses and priorities on each activity, it’s easy to prioritize the new leads on your dashboard. In addition, you can identify where to aim your prospecting resources by viewing leads by source, like website or referral, on your real-time dashboard.

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