Manage Your Agency

Maintain a more organized and efficient agency with AgencyBloc. Quickly service clients, streamline communication and activities, and process and track commissions.

An Easy-to-Use CRM for Insurance Agencies

Looking for a CRM specific to your industry? AgencyBloc is built with life and health insurance agencies in mind. Import your data and immediately start managing your agency more efficiently.


Groups have many moving parts: individuals, company information, policy details, and benefits information. Keep everything organized and available with a few clicks, see enrollments and elections on policies, and never miss a follow-up by automating communication or activities with your group clients and prospects.

AgencyBloc Groups & Policies by Lead Source


Every client and prospect is different. Learn how best to retain and sell to each by having relevant information about them always on-hand, even on mobile. See which lead generation methods have worked best and make adjustments where needed. Automatically assign new leads to agents, and automate tasks or communication to be sure an important touchpoint is never missed.

AgencyBloc Individual Summary Roll Out


Having difficulty keeping track of all policies sold to a particular individual or a group, where each policy is in the application process, seeing who’s enrolled, or when it’s up for renewal? With AgencyBloc, connect policies with individuals and groups, set up automatic tasks or reminders for important dates or actions, and always be aware of the policy/product makeup of your agency.

AgencyBloc Group Policy Detail


Looking for a way to centralize agent paperwork like E&O forms and licenses? Or for a way to track your recruiting and contracting processes? The agent CRM allows your agency to organize information about your agents, whether a two-person agency or large MGA. Your agency can task agents automatically with activities, and you’ll be able to organize the information needed to process commissions and pay agents efficiently.

AgencyBloc Agent Documentation


Need a central place to store all of your carrier contacts and websites, or want to know how much business you have invested in each? With AgencyBloc, maintain all carrier information in one area and always be aware of how many policies are with each and identify your top-selling products. With this information, you can make informed decisions on where your business is exceeding and where you can improve.

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AgencyBloc Top Carrier Products Graph

Insurance Commissions Processing

With AgencyBloc, your agency can efficiently process commissions versus manually processing commissions line-by-line, saving you time and resources. AgencyBloc makes processing and reconciling simple, helps you recognize missed commissions, and allows you to glean more insights from your commission data.

Process Commissions

With AgencyBloc, enter your commission data via imports or manual entry, and the system will take care of the splits for you. Commission data is linked up to the correct policy, agent, and payout rate, allowing you to see total premiums, total commissions payable, and net commissions.

AgencyBloc Commissions Processing

Analyze Agency Production

Don’t just process commissions—learn from the data and see your bottom line. See your commission data in visually appealing charts and graphs, and analyze actual vs. projected commissions. With these insights, know who your top producers are and what products are most profitable. With AgencyBloc, you’ll rest assured knowing where your business lies currently and where it’s headed.

AgencyBloc Commission Analyzation

Uncover Missed Carrier Commissions

With your commission data in AgencyBloc, you’ll be assured your carriers are compensating you correctly and consistently. There are a few different ways to uncover missed commissions in AgencyBloc through reporting and real-time payment history in the Commission Module. Identify any missing commission dollars and act on them immediately.

AgencyBloc Uncovers Missed Commissions

Project Your Revenue

AgencyBloc allows agencies to project commissions, analyze current vs. future revenue, and find missing commissions within the Commission Module. With our unique approach, you can model what you expect to earn from the products you sold, and AgencyBloc will project your revenue into the future—it’s even graphed for you.

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Automate Your Agency

AgencyBloc allows you create custom automation for individuals, groups, policies, agents and carriers based on your needs.

Get More Done with Less Effort

AgencyBloc’s intuitive automation tools aim to meet the needs of each agency, saving you time and resources. Use industry-specific fields or even custom fields you’ve created to create automated communication or activities. Get rid of paper process guides or cheat sheets, and prevent any important items from being missed.

Policy Set As Active Email Campaign

Automate Activities and Emails

Automate birthday greetings to clients and prospects, or send reminders to agents as important dates, like license expirations, are approaching. Plus, sync emails from Outlook that can be set up to trigger automated activities, as well. Automation keeps your team on task without extra effort or monitoring. Work smarter, not harder!

Insurance Happy Birthday Email Campaign

Streamline Prospecting Efforts

Use AgencyBloc’s Lead Forms on your website to trigger automated emails and activities. When a prospect fills out your form, automatically assign an agent to follow-up with them and/or send the prospect an email letting them know you received their information. Always remain on top of your prospecting efforts.

AgencyBloc Lead Forms

Monitor All Automated Activity

Gain peace of mind about the automation in your agency—view all activities assigned and emails sent in a timeline of actions. Dig deeper to see the emails your clients and prospects have received, and take a look at what’s assigned to your agents. Easily pause automation and stop individuals from receiving specific emails.

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Workflow Timeline of Actions