The AgencyBloc Experience

AgencyBloc is more than just software. One reason we're the #1 Agency Recommended Management System for life & health agencies is the experience our clients have from that first contact to ongoing support.

Our mission is to provide powerful solutions by making the convoluted, straightforward. We want our technology to transform the organizations that use it. We believe that in order to fulfill our mission, we need to solve problems for our customers by giving them the right tools, educating them, and supporting them along the way.
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Data Migration

Data migration can be daunting for any agency. That's why we have Data Specialists to help!

AgencyBloc Support Team

How We Migrate Your Data

When you become a Member of The Bloc, a data specialist will be assigned to your agency to ensure data migration goes smoothly. We'll help ensure your data is in the right format for import; that way, you can learn the system using your own data in AgencyBloc.

What you can expect:

  • We'll never claim ownership to your data or "hold it hostage"
  • We can migrate data from other CRM or AMS software to AgencyBloc
  • We've been helping agencies migrate to AgencyBloc for over 10 years now, so we’re experienced!
Sherri R.

Sherri R.
ISU Stephen B. Marvin Agency

"AgencyBloc has everything we need: flexibility, accessibility, commissions tracking, and ease of navigation. The data migration was stress-free, the customer service is awesome, and we love how simple it is to connect individuals, enter data, and just plain run our business!"


Learn how to use AgencyBloc to reach your agency's goals during onboarding sessions with your dedicated AgencyBloc Onboarding Specialist.

AgencyBloc Onboarding

How We Help Get Your Agency Started

As a new Member of The Bloc, we assign an Onboarding Specialist to work 1-on-1 with your agency. This is your time to get up and running on AgencyBloc, attend training, explore the Help Center, and ask questions of your dedicated Onboarding Specialist.

What you can expect:

  • We train your team with your own data
  • We provide guidance on what other resources you can be utilizing during this time
  • We record all training sessions for you to keep
  • We provide a series of 2-3 training sessions on the Commissions Module, if applicable
David B.

David B.
Brystra Insurance Services

"AgencyBloc has been helpful, positive, and responsive in helping us address our needs from onboarding to ongoing. It’s allowed us to present ourselves professionally and maintain office transparency. We’ve been extremely pleased with the individualized attention they give their clients and their desire to always be improving their system."

Ongoing Support

Reach us via phone, email, or live chat for support or to learn something new in AgencyBloc.

AgencyBloc Support Team

How We Support You

We do not operate a call center. Real people (many who have insurance industry experience) are here to answer your phone calls, emails, and live chats. No matter how long you've been with us, we take pride in providing ongoing support and getting to know you and your needs.

What you can expect:

  • We take response times and client satisfaction ratings seriously (we review these numbers monthly), so we're always working our hardest to help you as quickly and effectively as possible
  • We take product feedback and suggestions seriously; we document every suggestion or request from clients to help guide product development
Christine H.

Christine H.
Hübler Insurance Services

"AgencyBloc is fantastic as a system, but it’s better because of the team behind it. They’re always there to give us support on the spot. Knowing that we can always pick up the phone and call them, it’s as valuable as the system to us. "

Online Help Center

Use the Help Center with articles, videos, product release notes, and webinars to conveniently learn on your own time.

AgencyBloc Help Center

How to Get the Most Out of AgencyBloc

Take advantage of our Help Center where we have everything from initial CRM training videos to more complex topics like utilizing our open API. Stay up-to-date on new features or enhancements in AgencyBloc by reading our monthly product release notes. Not to mention, save your seat for our weekly live webinars!

What you can expect:

  • We're always updating the content in the Help Center to provide added value
  • We send a Member of The Bloc email newsletter every few months with tips and tricks to get the most out of AgencyBloc
  • We host an annual, in-person User Meetup (BlocBuilder) where you’ll have the opportunity to attend educational sessions and network with AgencyBloc team members and fellow users

Pam B.
Dalton & Company Inc.

"I have been using AgencyBloc for about 6 months and it is truly amazing! I had been using a custom system for about 20 years, so I was nervous about making the change. AgencyBloc made it so easy! They have truly done their homework and know what an agency needs. Also, their Help Section is awesome! I would highly recommend them."

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