About The Company

Group Benefits, Ltd. (GBL) is the largest general insurance agency in Iowa. GBL provides independent agents across the Midwest with the latest tools and support in order to serve their group and individual clients. GBL has been doing what’s right for the independent agent for over 20 years.

The Problem

GBL’s 2,500 affiliated agents currently represent 3,000 employee groups and 60,000 individual clients. With just shy of 60 employees, organizing that data within a homegrown system proved to be unmanageable. Each department used a different database within the homegrown system, so internal communication was complicated. Due to their growth, GBL wanted to track custom fields that would help them define and better understand their sales cycle. In addition, processing commissions for that many policies and agents was laborious, costing the company time and financial resources.

Our Solution

After reviewing the homegrown system, AgencyBloc identified how to extract all of the data from different databases and combine it into AgencyBloc. Now using AgencyBloc, each department at GBL works within the same system and sees the same data. AgencyBloc’s custom fields allow GBL to track their growth to make smart business decisions. Lastly, AgencyBloc’s Commissions+ solution proved to be the solution to their two-day commissions processing procedure by using carrier maps built within AgencyBloc. GBL downloads the carrier files, and AgencyBloc processes the commissions for each agent.

Valerie M.

"With AgencyBloc, we are achieving so much more than we were with our old system."

Valerie M. | Group Benefits, Ltd.

The Result

With AgencyBloc, GBL’s different departments are able to internally communicate efficiently, and each agent also has access to their own book of business. GBL better understands where their new business comes from and is able to more easily identify cross-selling opportunities. GBL also now competes with competitors’ and carriers’ time frames for commissions processing by processing commissions twice a month versus once a month before. Processing commissions for GBL now requires far less labor resources, saving them over thousands of dollars and two days of labor resources solely committed to processing commissions each month.

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