This past year was a busy year for our clients!

  • Checking off to-dos
  • Bringing in new policies
  • Completing policy renewals or doing other policy updates
  • Processing commissions
  • Sending out emails
  • Setting up automated workflows
  • Bringing in leads

…like I said—BUSY!

We ran some numbers, and every Member of The Bloc, both users and employees, should be proud and excited about what you’ve accomplished in 2018!

Activities Completed

1,446,850 Completed Activities

You all were masters of your Activities! You really just got stuff done and rolled through Activities (to-dos) in AgencyBloc. Some of these Activities were just for you, and some you completed with a team. Either way, nicely done!

New & Updated Policies

15,393,782 New & Updated Policies

Woah! Over 15 million new or updated policies. Whether you were bringing on a new client, cross-selling, or processing a renewal, you worked through a lot last year when it came to your clients’ policies.

Commissions Processed

$491,012,396 in Commissions Processed

Over $491 MILLION commissions processed in 2018! This is quite the testament to all of the activity going on at your agencies.

Email Campaigns & Automated Workflow

9,198 Different Email Campaigns & Automated Workflows

You all have been busy creating efficiencies for yourselves while, at the same time, improving communication with prospects and clients. We love that!

Product Releases

55 Product Releases

The numbers above were made possible by clients, like you, giving us feedback. 

Last year, we rolled out 55 product releases. These releases included feature enhancements, user experience updates, new feature additions, updates to integrations, and more.


  • Policy enrollments & elections
  • Group census reports
  • Custom Reporting commissions
  • Outlook Email Sync integration
  • Agent statement branding & formats
  • Carrier product dates

What’s most exciting for the AgencyBloc Team when it comes to product releases is what our clients are doing with them. And as these numbers show, they’re doing quite a lot!

During this last year, our team has grown by 21%, as well. With the acquisition of GBS at the end of 2017 and the continual growth of our client base, we’ve added some really great team members across all areas of our business!

Overall, we’re proud of what our clients have accomplished with AgencyBloc and how our team continues to grow and adapt to our clients’ needs. We’re excited to see what 2019 brings!

Want to learn more about AgencyBloc, The #1 Agency Recommended Management System? Check out our 5-minute overview video.

Posted on Saturday, January 5, 2019 in About Us