2020 was a year of learning and many ups and downs. This year as we reflect and prepare, we asked our team about their 2020 highs and what they look forward to most in 2021. 

Name a positive out of 2020 that you will carry forward.

Ashley Stoppel
Communications Specialist

"This year didn't meet expectations in lots of ways; however, making lemonade out of lemons really can work. My family is learning to really enjoy lemonade, and as an added bonus, we've had lots of time to drink it together this year!"

Cory Schmidt
CTO & Co-Founder

"The team did a great job working remotely—we'll support that trend in some manner moving forward."

Tayler Hassman
Product Manager

"With everything shut down, I felt like I actually had a real summer for the first time since being out of school. Since we weren't running here and there for events and trips, my husband and I got so much quality time with our daughter by just going on walks and bike rides and playing in the pool at home. I'll be more selective about the commitments I make in the future to protect that family time because it was so precious, and she grows up too fast to miss it all."

Becky Cox
Sr. Web Developer

"I finally perfected my home office setup. Well, the video camera is still a bit iffy, but the rest is just where I want it."

Kelsey Rosauer
Marketing Manager

"If 2020 taught me anything within both my professional and personal life, it’s that patience pays off. When planning and writing content for our readers this year, we had to be very patient and always listening to their ever-changing needs as they came up. And on a more personal note, finding out in February that we were adding a new baby to our family and then spending the pregnancy and welcoming her to the world in these uncertain times definitely taught me patience... and resilience!"

Adam Lewis

"Lots of family time. The extra focus on family this year only makes our relationships stronger."

Patty Fazio
Quality Assurance Analyst 

"Versatility and strength—knowing we can get the job done from anywhere."

What surprised you the most about working remotely/working from home?

Zak Jenn
Sales Representative

"How energized and focus I remained even with a fair amount of distractions."

Tasha Fitzgerald
Onboarding Specialist

"I really thought I would have a hard time adjusting, but it was easier than I thought. My work/home balance has been great. And my husband is also working from home, and we’re still happily married, so that’s a plus."

Tori Heerts
Data Specialist

"How much I would miss seeing my work family every day."

Gary Marr
Onboarding Specialist

"How much you miss by not having organic conversations in the office. Realizing you can't stop someone and say, "Hey, do you have a second about ...?" How much those somewhat insignificant conversations help a work culture."

Shayna Dodd
Operations Manager

"How much we all get done - still doing it well!"

Steve Ogden
Sales Manager

"That I had neighbors."

What are you looking forward to the most in 2021?

Sara O'Brien
Campaign Architect

"Going on a vacation, a real one, out of my house."

Taylor Behrens
Marketing Technology Specialist

"Hopefully going on a honeymoon, but more so finishing up some renovations my husband and I have started on our first home together."

Laura Shaner
Billing Specialist

"I miss seeing my co-workers regularly! I hope 2021 brings more in-person meetings, Chili cookoffs, tailgating, and chit chat around the coffee pot!!"

Sara Hughes
Onboarding Specialist

"Playing in my gardens (veggie and flower) once the good weather returns!"

Allison Babberl
Content Lead

"Trying new things. My goal for 2020 was to focus on myself and be true to my person. Now, in 2021, I can take all of that learning and start to apply it by getting out and experiencing something new. Maybe I'll build a boat."

Erica Kiefer
Chief Growth Officer

"Being able to be in the same room with my team."

What's your favorite thing about being a Member of The Bloc?

Kelly Kimmich
VP of Client Success

"We're a work family! Everyone genuinely cares about each other."

Brittany Liggins
Client Success Manager

"Our culture. We have the most incredible leadership and team!"

Collin Eggena

"How much everyone treats each other like actual humans and not just worker bees."

Tasha Fitzgerald
Onboarding Specialist

"I love everyone I work with, and with everything that happened this year, we all worked together to adapt and keep giving our agencies the high level of service we are so proud of."

Neal Price
Engagement Manager

"Having an incredible group of teammates who love to serve our clients."

Eric Debner
Technical Writer

"The company culture is amazing. We all care about and for each other. We all care about our clients and delivering the best solutions to them."

Dave Thompson

"Our collective ability to face and overcome challenges without breaking stride. We're a pretty tenacious bunch."

What would you say to future Members of The Bloc? 

Stephanie Bader
Support Specialist

"Let go of any of the baggage you bring from past work experiences and settle into the peace as this company really is as wonderful as it seems. "

Neal Price
Engagement Manager

"Embrace a "we" mindset on all projects so focus can be kept on making sure our clients have the best tools to help them grow, thus keeping them loving AgencyBloc."

Carrie Baldwin
Support Specialist

"Take it all in. There is so much to learn from so many people."

Dave Thompson

"You'll be glad you joined the team. Be curious, brace for excellence, and have fun."

What are you personally most proud of from 2020? What exciting adventures are ahead in 2021, both personally and professionally?

Posted on Tuesday, December 22, 2020 in About Us