Looking Back at 2021 & Preparing for 2022

Every year, we survey AgencyBloc team members to ask them about the previous year: what were their favorite moments, what did they learn, and what growth did they experience? We also ask what they’re looking forward to in the coming year. Read on to see what the team said!

What’s your word for 2022?

Steve Ogden
Sales Manager


Anne Lind
Client Success Manager


Kelsey Rosauer
Marketing Manager

Focus. I tend to want to do all the things all at once, and everyone knows that's not feasible, nor does it produce the best results. At my job and in my personal life, I am going to work on being more focused in this ever-distracting world.

Patty Fazio
Quality Assurance Analyst


Greg Engelkes


What was the funniest moment to happen on a virtual call in 2021?

Jeff Thibadeau
VP of Sales

While on a video call with a coworker, my 4-year-old blurted out, "I have to poop!" Then, 5 minutes later, "I'm all done!"

Taylor Behrens
Marketing Technology Specialist

During a training call, the gal running the meeting had a background on her video that showed an office. We all thought she was actually in the office until we noticed a shirtless man crawling across the floor. He ended up sitting in the background for a while while we all tried to maintain our composure. Luckily, he left shortly after.

Chris John
Technical Lead

My daughter decided to enter my office during a meeting in her Elsa dress (from the movie Frozen). I didn't even notice until I saw her face on my screen. Most of the meeting participants were trying to hold it in while she walked behind me, got something off our printer, and walked back out. Too cute!

Mike Chambers
Quality Assurance Analyst

A team member showed up to a virtual meeting dressed like the Hulk with a fully painted green face.

Brittany Liggins
Client Success Manager

My sweet, sweet 7-year-old was home sick. He threw up all over himself and didn't want to interrupt my call, so he just sat patiently waiting for me to be finished before letting me know.

Erica Kiefer
Chief Growth Officer

Our CTO, Cory Schmidt, changed his virtual background image to our CEO, Adam Lewis’ home office. It was hilarious.

What did you start doing in 2021 that you want to carry through to 2022?

Stephanie Bader
Support Specialist

Finding balance.

Tayler Hassman
Product Manager

As well as working from home went, I started going back into the office, and I find I enjoy getting to leave my house every day, so I'll probably keep that going. As a part of that, I started riding my bike to work, which is a nice way to spend some time outside. As soon as it's not snowing or below 40 degrees, I'll start that up again.

Dave Thompson

Simplifying. I've been pretty aggressively paring down the variety of hobbies, projects, loose ends, and activities I undertake that require brain space, physical space, and time. It is kind of like a big reset that has allowed me to get back some spare time and regain some flexibility.

Pete Bernardy
Product Manager

Standing while at work rather than sitting.

Bev Gillis
Sales Representative

Asking questions, listening to understand the need, and then, if we can help them, showing prospects how and why AgencyBloc is the best choice for them and their business needs.

Hannah Crisman
Senior Quality Assurance Analyst

Cleaning my desk and desktop off once a week. It's nice to have a fresh start on Monday!

Tori Heerts
Data Specialist

Paying a mortgage.

What is your #1 personal or professional goal you want to accomplish in 2022?

Neal Price
Engagement Manager

I am a terrible goal-setter, so to better establish goals is a great goal.

Ashley Stoppel
Communications Specialist

In 2022, I want to be more organized in all areas of my life (more solid routines + processes and sticking to them) to simplify and be more efficient.

Sarah Rosonke
Design & Content Specialist

I'd like to learn one new thing creatively each week. Whether it's a new shortcut, a new way of doing something, or a new trend, I think it's important to consistently be learning, grow, and be better and more efficient at what I do.

Jessica Friesth
Sales Enablement

Hone in on my strengths and use them in my new role on the marketing team.

Carrie Baldwin
Support Specialist

Move more!

Allison Babberl
Content Lead

Give myself more grace and work on saying “no.”

Is using technology to more effectively run your agency on your list of 2022 goals?

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Posted on Friday, December 31, 2021 in About Us