Quote+ gives brokers one central place to compare all types of health insurance offerings.

Cedar Falls, IA: AgencyBloc, the leading management platform for independent life and health insurance agencies, announced the launch of the new digital workflow tool for small group business, Quote+.

With Quote+, brokers can compare multiple types of health insurance offerings, including community rated, medically underwritten and ancillary, in one central place with more valuable tools to manage the various time-consuming processes involved in quoting, product comparison and proposal generation. Quote+ is the only solution on the market that allows brokers to easily access and compare medically underwritten products alongside community rated.

The debut of this new quote-to-close solution follows AgencyBloc’s recent acquisition of FormFire, a leading small group quoting tool, and aligns with AgencyBloc’s strategy and commitment to being the leading solution provider for life and health insurance agents.

Adam Lewis, AgencyBloc
“AgencyBloc has had substantial growth in the last 18 months,” said Adam Lewis, CEO and Co-Founder of AgencyBloc. “In addition to the acquisition of two companies, our team has been hard at work preparing to launch this new product offering. This is just the first of several releases we are working on to continue to expand the value we offer to our clients.”

Quote+ supports brokers in servicing their clients and growing their agency, providing efficiency in the most time-consuming areas of managing group benefits.

Bob Burns, AgencyBloc
“The release of Quote+ represents the next big step forward in providing a comprehensive platform for small group insurance from product comparison to quoting and proposal creation to closing activities with carriers,” said Bob Burns, Chief Product Officer at AgencyBloc. “Our team will continue to add measurable value for brokers in both streamlining an inherently manual process and making product detail accessible for agents, so they are able to help clients more effectively.”

For more information about Quote+ and other AgencyBloc solutions, visit www.agencybloc.com.

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Posted on Tuesday, April 11, 2023 in About Us