How to use your LinkedIn profile to effectively market your Insurance agency 

When it comes to marketing and selling insurance, it’s important to meet both prospects and current clients where they are. What better place to promote your services than social media, where the majority of people check in regularly? 

LinkedIn is the world’s biggest professional online network, making it a great resource for building connections with fellow professionals, establishing your personal brand, and marketing your brand and insurance services. Having a strong LinkedIn profile can instill confidence in prospects and can be a foot in the door when it comes to growing your agency. 

In this blog post, we’ll discuss: 

  • Why you should be using LinkedIn to promote your insurance agency 
  • Three ways to enhance your LinkedIn profile 
  • The lead and sales management tools that can help you track and convert leads from a range of places, including LinkedIn 

Why Use LinkedIn to Market and Sell Insurance?

With 66.8 million users in the U.S., LinkedIn is a widely used social network for professionals to showcase their skills to hiring managers. This platform can also be useful to insurance agents and agencies when it comes to things like prospecting, marketing, and more since you can appear in Google search results when someone looks you up.

LinkedIn can also be a powerful selling and marketing tool. With advertising features and the ability to network and share your thoughts, you are able to utilize the power of social selling on LinkedIn. Through posts, you can reinforce your expertise, share educational content, and build rapport with prospects, nudging them toward conversion. 

Many agents and agencies will continue to use LinkedIn to support their marketing, lead generation, and sales processes. This, along with the fact that the insurance industry is highly competitive, makes it clear that now is the time to optimize your LinkedIn profile.

Key Ways To Optimize Your Insurance LinkedIn Profile

How can you enhance your professional LinkedIn profile to attract prospects and make sales? There are a few key things you will want to ensure you accomplish: 

  • Choose a profile picture that looks polished and professional
  • Use a succinct, self-explanatory headline
  • Keep your profile up-to-date with your current and past job history, awards and accolades, certifications, licenses, special skills, locations you service, etc.
  • Fill out the “About” section of your profile, clearly stating what you do and the results you get for your clients
  • Stay active, sharing and engaging with others’ content and posting your own content from time-to-time

Let’s take a look at some real-life examples of insurance agents who are doing LinkedIn right.

Examples of Great Insurance Agent LinkedIn Profiles

Example 1: Portia LaVigne

Screenshot of Portia LaVigne's LinkedIn profile

Here’s an example of Portia LaVigne’s LinkedIn profile, a health insurance agent in Lake Mary, Florida. These are some characteristics that make her profile strong:

  • Professional headshot. Her headshot looks like it was professionally done and is on a neutral background. It also isn't a cropped image, it doesn't include other people, and it was clearly taken by a photographer. Your headshot can say a lot about your level of professionalism, so you want to make sure you make a good impression with a polished profile picture. 
  • Brief, succinct summary. Portia quickly explains what she does and how she may be able to help you. Some summaries can get lengthy and, yet, they still don't provide a ton of detail. She quickly covers the basics and lets the rest of her profile speak for itself.
  • Continually updated profile. Portia also has every section of her profile filled out and keeps the “Honors & Awards” up to date to establish her expertise. She also lists the certificates she holds to show her credibility.

Overall, Portia’s LinkedIn profile looks professional and thorough, helping prospects have confidence they can trust her to handle their insurance needs.

Example 2: Alexander Christian Swiger 

Screenshot of Alexander Christian Swiger's LinkedIn profile

Alexander Christian Swiger’s LinkedIn profile is another example of what life and health insurance agents should be doing to optimize their profiles. What we like:

  • Professional profile and cover photo. He has a professional profile picture and a visually appealing cover photo. 
  • Active presence through consistent posting. He regularly publishes educational articles and shares posts on his profile, which demonstrate his industry expertise and boosts his credibility. This also shows that he is actively selling insurance, is up-to-date with today's insurance market, and cares about providing resources and educating prospects.
  • Clearly stated capabilities. Alexander has a short, clear “About” section detailing what exactly he can help clients with. He also provides his license number and contact information to allow people to look into his credibility and reach out to get started.

Overall, Alexander does a good job of showcasing his capabilities and his desire to educate his audience.

Example 3: Jeanine Kinzie

Screenshot of Jeanine Kinzie's LinkedIn profile

One more example of a strong LinkedIn profile is Jeanine Kinzie’s. There are a few things she’s doing well: 

  • Eye-catching cover photo and professional profile picture. Her cover photo is unique and complements her professional headshot. 
  • Descriptive headline. Jeanine’s headline is optimized–being descriptive, yet brief. 
  • A summary that tells a story. Though her summary is a bit long, it does a great job of telling us what Jeanine is about. Beyond showcasing credentials and skills, it demonstrates the journey she has gone on to achieve her professional goals. Her summary also has a welcoming tone–it’s clear she put time and effort into it.
  • Keeping an active presence. Jeanine has posted regular updates, sharing educational content that’s relevant to her clients. This demonstrates that she takes care in having a conversation with clients to understand their needs in order to find the best coverage for their unique situation.
  • Giving and receiving recommendations. She has taken the time to give recommendations for others and, in turn, other LinkedIn professionals have also given her recommendations. This etiquette around giving and receiving genuine recommendations on LinkedIn is important, and having these recommendations is a powerful way to give prospects insight into what working with Jeanine is like.

Jeanine has created a polished, professional online presence that gives prospects a place to learn more about her expertise. She boosts her credibility through multiple different areas of her profile–from the educational posts to her skills and accomplished courses to recommendations from others, and more.

You’ve Optimized Your LinkedIn Profile, and Are Starting To See Results–Now What? 

Optimizing your LinkedIn profile is only part of the equation–you also want to have technology in place that enables you to do your job efficiently and effectively. The right agency management system (AMS) can help you streamline your social media sales and lead management processes. How? 

If a lead first sees you and interacts with you on social media, you can log this information in your AMS. This can help you discern if LinkedIn is a profitable lead source, and is worth investing more time and money into. Along with lead source tracking, AgencyBloc has lead and sales management tools (along with a range of other helpful solutions) to make it easy for you to track and convert prospects.

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This blog was originally published on July 14, 2016, and has been most recently updated and republished on February 28, 2023.

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