Introducing Automated Workflow for Insurance Agencies

September 20, 2016 in Product Updates

Introducing Automated Workflow for Insurance Agencies

Why Automated Workflow

Business managers in a recent study said that administrative tasks consume two days every week. These redundant, yet important, business processes that insurance agents spend time on include: policy renewals, lead follow-up, monitoring policy application statuses, new client onboarding, and paperwork in general. When these tasks are handled manually, it’s not only inefficient, but there’s the possibility that important steps are missed.

Every agency operates differently. AgencyBloc’s Automated Workflow allows agencies to create customized workflows, increasing efficiency and ensuring accuracy in their processes.

What exactly is Automated Workflow?

An automated workflow is a series of tasks created automatically when a specific event occurs. Tasks can be emails to prospects, activities assigned to agents, and much more. Automated workflows increase efficiency and accuracy in each business process.

Think about the things you do that are vital to an agency running smoothly, like following up with leads and being proactive on policy renewals. Tasks like these often follow the same process repeatedly and can, thus, be made into an Automated Workflow to save you time.

AgencyBloc's Automated Workflow

Let’s take a Group Policy Renewal for example. Without automation, the group’s account manager either has the policy renewal date on a calendar somewhere or within an Excel spreadsheet. When they see the date approaching, they might write a sticky note reminder to themselves to email or call the Group client to chat about the renewal process. What follows is a string of manual emails or attempting to remember what’s been done for the renewal and what needs to be done next.

With automation, the story looks a lot different. When the Group Policy Renewal date is approaching:

  • 3 months before the renewal date: An email is automatically sent to the Group client to get the process started
  • 3 months before the renewal date: A task is automatically assigned to the Group’s account manager reminding them to reach out to the client to get the process started
  • The Group’s account manager is able to see all of his/her tasks pertaining to the renewal with due dates and notes on his/her Activities dashboard

Workflow Trigger

Workflow Actions

What’s the benefit?

Agencies large and small have expressed the need for automation to better run their business:

  • “The ability to automatically create a workflow when a change occurs allows our staff to stay current with changes and execute customer service for the client in a more accurate and timely manner.”
  • “...creating a workflow that guides us through renewals and new client on-boarding is great.”
  • “The lead would not get lost in the process...”
  • “...making sure that certain steps in the renewal process are not missed.”

"Workflow automation is an essential part of our agency’s success. By having the proper workflows in place, not only does it save my administration and agents time, but it also helps us in staying in front of our clients with email automation, policy retention and much more," says Ken Brannigan, Owner/Agent of Senior HealthCare Solutions.

Automation allows your agency to transition from manual processes that are inefficient to automated processes that keep people on track and prevent important activities from falling through the cracks.

Pre-Built Workflows in AgencyBloc

Because of our expertise in the health and life insurance space, we provide pre-built automated workflows for agencies to use as-is or customize for their agency. These pre-built workflows also give agencies an idea of where to start with automation. Pre-built workflows include:

  • Happy birthday
  • New individual prospect
  • Lead form submitted
  • Policy application submitted
  • Group policy renewal
  • Agent license expiration

See it For Yourself

Each agency’s needs are different. The best way to see how this could benefit your agency is to sign up for a personalized demo where you can speak one-on-one with our sales team about your needs and take a peek inside the system for yourself.

See Automated Workflow For Yourself

Schedule a 1-on-1 demo to chat with an expert about how your agency can benefit from Automated Workflow.

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