What Customers Really Want in an Insurance Agent

Wants in an Insurance Agent

When it comes to touchpoints, it can be hard to tell what your customer wants. Do they want to hear from you a lot, or do they prefer to contact you when they need something? This is an especially important topic when you're an insurance agent. The Rough Notes Company reported on a survey that tackles this exact subject.

The survey found that first, customers want value. Second, they want to know they can trust you as an agent. I'm sure you've all heard that as insurance agents, but what does that mean specifically?

Individuals who took the survey ranked the following factors in order of importance to them when it comes to the insurance company and/or agent they do business with (taken directly from The Rough Notes Company article):

  1. Value in the rates they find for me.
  2. That they are taking care of me and my insurance needs.
  3. Trust in the person or company.
  4. Quick service response.
  5. They will "go to bat for me" when necessary.
  6. Personal attention.
  7. They are able to offer me choices of coverage.
  8. They provide me with confidence that I am making the right insurance decisions.
  9. They are recommending sufficient insurance protection.
  10. They are able to offer me a choice of companies.

So, what does this tell us about touchpoints? Customers want to hear from you when anything you see as being valuable for their service arises. They want to know about the best rates, they want personal attention and they want to know all of their choices. This means you should be providing your customers with ongoing attention, not waiting to hear from them. Maintaining this constant communication will provide value and build trust—the two things an insurance customer wants. 

The article goes on to talk about situations in which customers trust their agent the most and the least. They trust the most that agents find them good rates, but they trust agents the least that they're being offered choices in insurance companies and coverage. This makes sense, but how do we change this? Make the most of each touchpoint, and build trust using personalized communication. This can be done digitally, using tools like automated emails, and it can be done using personalized, hand-written letters. Neither option is as hard as it may seem.

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Kelsey Rosauer

By Kelsey Rosauer on January 15, 2015 in Customer Experience

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