Agency Management Systems

Insurance AMS FAQs

  • An agency management system (AMS) is different from CRMs because many CRMs are generic and built to be used by the masses, while insurance agency management systems are specifically for this industry. AgencyBloc's AMS+ solution is built for the health and life insurance industry, saving companies time and money from having to do extensive customizations to make it work for them. Learn more about agency management systems.

  • AgencyBloc's AMS+ solution is designed specifically for the health and life insurance industry. While it includes CRM functions, those features are insurance-specific and we provide more specialized services than other generic CRMs. Ultimately, you won't have to spend as much time customizing the software to fit your needs. Check out our 5-minute overview video to learn more.

  • Our goal is to provide your team with powerful solutions that help manage all your data and processes in one place while saving time, effort, and money. With our robust, industry-specific agency management platform, we can make commission processing, quoting & proposals, sales management, reporting, data management, and automation easier than ever. Check out some video and text testimonials from our clients to hear about their experience.

Insurance Automation

Insurance Automation FAQs

  • When combining automation with our email capabilities, you can take your insurance email marketing to the next level. Being able to reach out to clients and prospects at specific points of the sales funnel without having to manually send those emails is extremely helpful. It ensures that your audience can get consistent, specific communication with minimal work and will also make emails, like ones for birthdays, easier and more feasible.

  • Automation can be a broad word—put simply, it's the idea of making recurring tasks happen automatically. Once automation is set up, it helps insurance agencies work smarter not harder and ensure tasks are completed and communication happens. Check out some examples of things every insurance agency should be automating, like policy renewal workflows and lead follow-up workflows.

  • There are a lot of moving parts in insurance agencies, and automation is a way to save time while increasing quality of service. It makes it easier to ensure processes are accurate and consistent, that timely communication happens, and that employee tasks don't slip through the cracks. With extra time and resources, agencies can focus on other areas of their business. 

Sales Management

Sales Management FAQs

  • Sales management is essential because it provides a data-driven way to manage your sales, allowing you to find weaknesses, strengths, and opportunities in your systems and sales processes. This can lead to more conversions and growth for your business. Learn how AgencyBloc's AMS+ solution can help your organization improve its sales processes.

  • Sales management is about creating processes that will allow you to direct leads through the sales process to find good-fit opportunities. Your sales management processes are closely linked to other processes at your agency including customer service, quoting, and more. By building integrated processes, you will be able to react faster, hold stronger communication with clients and leads, and learn from your sales data. When creating these processes, automation plays a big role in managing leads and moving them down the pipeline. For example, sending out automated emails to clients letting them know their policies have been submitted or automatically alerting your agents that there is a new lead are two ways agencies utilize automation in the sales process. Once the automation is implemented within your sales processes, you’re able to react faster.

  • The biggest objective of sales management is to have the processes you make be all-encompassing, repeatable, and sustainable. This will help with managing and tracking your leads as they move through the funnel. In addition, there needs to be a focus on the analysis of the data collected. The raw data is not useful without the analysis, and improvement to processes only comes with successful analysis. You will be able to make more in-depth plans for the future while figuring out problem areas and the opportunities that come from them. Schedule a demo with our experts to see how AMS+ can improve your agency’s sales management efforts.

Quoting & Proposals

Quoting & Proposals FAQs

  • Creating insurance proposals can be time-consuming for group benefits agencies, especially when pulling together multiple plans and options. To prepare a thorough proposal, be sure to include a range of options relevant to the group and extensive details on each that are easy to sift through. Quote+, an AgencyBloc solution, makes the process of quoting and generating proposals easier. Quote+ quickly allows you to pull quotes for a multitude of carriers and presents them in a digestible, professional manner.

  • Quote+ is built to streamline the small group quoting and proposal process to make renewal season easier. Input demographic data about employers, employees, and dependents in one place as well as policy effective dates and policy renewal dates. You will also be able to quickly compare community rated, medically underwritten, and ancillary products in one space. The secure, online interview feature streamlines the medical health questionnaire process and provides the data brokers need for groups, employees, and dependents. Schedule a demo today to see how Quote+, an AgencyBloc solution, can work for you.

  • Quote+, an AgencyBloc solution, is HITECH and HIPAA-compliant as well as HITRUST certified. AgencyBloc solutions are housed on HIPAA-compliant AWS servers, are annually audited for SOC 2 Type II certification, and all data is bank-grade encrypted and constantly backed up in multiple locations. All AgencyBloc accounts are password protected with two-step authentication options. Learn more about our data security protocols.

Commissions Management

Commissions Management FAQs

  • Commissions processing is the tracking and processing of payments to agencies and agents for selling insurance plans. This can get complicated quickly when there are a multitude of different agents, carriers, products, and payout structures in play. Being able to keep track of all of these—and make sure they are accurate—is important for paying producers correctly and planning for your business's growth. AgencyBloc's Commissions+ solution allows you to accurately track and calculate this information while saving time by cutting down on manual tracking. Schedule a demo to learn more.

  • Missing commissions is something every insurance agency wants to prevent because this is money your agency is owed that it’s not receiving. This can happen when carriers are a couple of months behind on their payments, if a policy gets canceled without your agency's knowledge, or by human errors. AgencyBloc's Commissions+ solution can help you identify these missed payments quickly so your agency can rectify the miss sooner. Learn more about finding missed commissions.

  • AgencyBloc's Commissions+ solution saves insurance agencies and brokers time by reducing the repeated manual entry of large commissions, making tracking split payments efficient, quickly finding missed or inaccurate payments, and much more. Our clients have found that they have cut time spent on commission processing by 75-95%. Learn how to make your organization's commission processing more efficient.

Reporting & Data Analysis

Reporting & Data Analytics FAQs

  • AgencyBloc's Plus Suite solutions provide reporting tools that strategically use the data your agency tracks to turn big data into smart data. Use your sales, client, policy, census, commissions, and other data to build easy-to-understand reports that help your organization make informative decisions. 

  • Yes, you can. The Custom Report builder in AgencyBloc's AMS+ solution has advanced flexibility and will allow you to customize your report to fit your needs by selecting certain data fields, using filters, and applying necessary columns. Build the report once, then save it and run it as often as you need. Learn more about how to customize your reports.

  • There’s no such thing as too much data, but there is such a thing as information overload. There are many instances where addressing mass amounts of data is avoided because it is hard to wrap our minds, as well as our technology, around it. That's why comprehensive data analysis tools are needed. When data is not being regularly analyzed, there may be key trends, threats, and opportunities you're missing. AgencyBloc aims to help make the analysis and reporting of data an easier process for all involved. Schedule a demo to see how.

Data Management & Security

Data Management & Security FAQs

  • Data silos are dangerous for a business, especially if they are left unchecked. They occur when data is not synced effectively across systems, departments, or teams. If only certain groups can access data, it will cost money, block collaboration, and create inefficiencies. Learn more about data silos and how to fix them here.

  • AgencyBloc has two main ways of migrating data into our solutions, like AMS+. The data is either downloaded into a large file and then imported or facilitated through a custom migration. Our team of experts will work with you to figure out which option is best for your organization’s data. Once the path is chosen, our team will work to safely and efficiently transfer your data. Learn more about the data migration process here.

  • AgencyBloc takes data security seriously. Our solutions feature secure cloud data encryption, follow strict data maintenance policies, use bank-level encryption, and are backed up continuously. Rest assured your data is secure — we are HIPAA compliant and audited regularly for HITRUST / SOC 2 Type II (industry-leading security standards). Learn more about how AgencyBloc protects your data.