Examples of Great Email Campaigns for Insurance Agents

Examples of Great Email Campaigns for Insurance Agents

Email Campaigns

Email is an awesome way to keep in touch with your clients. Starting your own email campaigns for clients can improve client retention and keep the lines of communication open. Email campaigns are easy to use, make your client feel top-of-mind and automatically send so you can reach more clients at a time. They can make your clients feel like you’re going the extra mile while allowing you to get more done in your day. Ready to start your first email campaign? Here are some ideas for different types of campaigns you can run to stay in touch and make them feel like they’re your number one.

Thank-you Emails. If someone signs up for your email newsletter, make sure you thank them. They’re taking time out of their day to subscribe, and they’re giving you access to their inbox. Pro tip: Make sure all of your contact information is present on the thank-you email so that they can quickly and easily reach out to you.

Thank You Email Campaign

Welcome Emails. A welcome email can go a long way for client retention. Letting them know that you’re excited to serve them will show them that they actually matter to you. They don’t need to be long emails or anything fancy; the more personable and to the point the better. Pro tip: If you plan on sending your clients frequent newsletters, a welcome email is the perfect opportunity to let them know how often they should expect an email from you.

Welcome Email Campaign

Welcome Email Campaign

Reminder Emails. These are a great way to re-engage with your clients. Remember, policy renewals and open enrollment are generally not top of mind for your clients like they are for you. So, where you might have November 1st circled and highlighted on your calendar, your clients will appreciate you preparing them ahead of time for important policy dates. Sending reminders can help make those dates important to them.You can remind your clients that they need to renew their policy, that open enrollment is approaching if they want to open a new policy, or when Medicare beneficiaries can change their Medicare Advantage or Medicare Part D Prescription Drug coverage for the coming year. The Dropbox email below is a good example of a reminder email where it tells you what you’re currently using and how to make changes. Pro tip: Your clients might be ready on November 1st to sign up, so setting a drip campaign with reminders throughout all of open enrollment can engage the right clients at the right time.

Renewal Email Campaign

Happy Birthday! Who doesn’t love getting well wishes on their birthday? Pretty much everyone loves it, including your clients! Let them know that you’re still thinking of them even when you haven’t spoken in a while and wish them well on their special day.

Happy Birthday Emails

Anniversary. They’ve been your client for x amount of time; that’s something to celebrate. Do so by sending a fun email on their anniversary and say thanks for being there. Pro tip: Sending them personalized messages on their wedding anniversary will impress them further and it can boost the likelihood of them staying with you.

Anniversary Email Campaign

Anniversary Email Campaign

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