Tips for Recruiting Talented Insurance Agents

How to Recruit Insurance Agents

How to Recruit Insurance Agents

The insurance industry and number of agencies and brokerages has seen steady growth over the past 10 years. Plus, a growing number of agents and advisors are nearing retirement. Thus, insurance agents are definitely in demand today. 

But while you might really be in need of some agents, you still want to find the right employee. They represent your brand, after all.

In this blog, we’ll cover tips for recruiting top talent, where to post your job opening, and where to proactively look for candidates.

Tips for Recruiting Top Talent

We’ve discussed where to post a job description and how to go out and search for new agents yourself, but wouldn’t it be nice if your company naturally attracted candidates?

There are a few things your agency (or any business) can do to stay top-of-mind for job seekers.

Showcasing Your Insurance Agency’s Culture (& Being Human)

Giving prospective employees a glimpse into your company’s culture gets them excited about the potential of working with you.

You should showcase your culture on your website’s About Us page and across your social profiles. 

A few things you can talk about are:

  • Your agency’s mission & vision
  • Your history & future plans
  • The insurance products you sell
  • Events your agency attends or hosts in the community
  • Office happenings, like team bonding days, Super Bowl potlucks, and more

Showing that your agency works hard but also keeps it fun for employees is sure to attract like minded employees.

Providing Benefits People Truly Care About

While compensation will likely always be the first thing employees (especially those in insurance sales) want to know when considering a position, benefits packages are also incredibly important.

Some common benefits (whether paid by the employer or voluntary for the employee) are typically vacation time/PTO, health insurance, dental & vision coverage, life insurance, AD&D coverage, FSA dependent care, and short and long-term care coverage.

While these benefits are sought after highly, especially when the employer pays a good portion, many employers still try to provide additional perks to attract and keep good employees.

Employee Benefit News reports the 15 most popular employee perks today (ranked in order of popularity):

  • Paid family leave
  • Flexible/remote work options
  • Professional development
  • Sabbatical leave
  • Gym membership or onsite fitness center
  • Student loan repayment
  • Onsite healthy snacks
  • ID theft prevention
  • Financial planning resources
  • Fitness goal incentives
  • Public transit assistance
  • Pet insurance
  • Pet friendly offices
  • Health coaching
  • Dedicated volunteer hours (See how AgencyBloc team members used their VTO hours in 2019)

Whatever your agency currently provides benefits-wise, it’s a good idea to revisit what your employees care about on an annual basis. While you probably won’t ever be able to provide everything they wish for, showing you care and are trying to meet them halfway will go a long way in keeping employees and attracting new ones. 

Making Advanced Technology a Priority

If you google “how to make work enjoyable for employees”, you’ll get a million ideas. But one idea that is consistently on lists is providing the right tools for success.

Providing the right tools and technology to employees allows them to be more productive, efficient, and less stressed. They are working on the job at hand instead of trying to manipulate outdated or ineffective technology.

Even when employees love their job, if they’re constantly faced with having to use technology that doesn’t benefit them, they may start to resent more than the tool itself.

Thus, making it a priority to provide your agents and staff with the tools to succeed is crucial. Plus, listing what technology your agency utilizes within job descriptions shows prospective agents or other employees that you’re invested in your employees.

Where to Post an Insurance Agent Job Description

To get the most views of your job description, there are a few places you should be sure to post it.

But first, do you have a careers page on your website? This should be the first place you post job openings because then you always have a spot to link back to, no matter where you want to spread the word.

What should your careers page include?


  • Company mission statement
  • Company history (or link to About Us)
  • Company culture
  • Employee benefits summary (don’t need to list them out, but give a taste)
  • How/where to apply (+ any specific instructions, like no paper resumes)

Once you have your open position posted on your own website, start spreading the word! One of the most obvious places to start is social media—LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

Job Posts on Social Media

LinkedIn and Facebook both have native capabilities to post the job, meaning you use their job tools to compile your job post and target people you’re after. 

On LinkedIn, you can use their templates to help you create your job description or you can copy and paste what you’ve already come up with for your website’s own careers page. The power of posting on LinkedIn is that you can also add questions to the job application to better screen candidates, and you can also target people based on skills and experience you’re looking for. 

However, LinkedIn’s job posting tool is not free, so you’ll have to budget accordingly. 

On Facebook, you can post a job opening directly to your Company’s Facebook page. You’ll have the option to receive applications via your page’s messages inbox or email. Posting a job on Facebook is free unless you decide to turn it into an ad to expand your reach.

If you would rather not use their native tools, you can simply promote the link from your website. 

There aren’t currently any native post options on Twitter. Your best bet is to regularly post the job opening link from your website with a short description of who you’re looking for and what the job entails. You’ll have to get pretty creative since Twitter only allows 280 characters per tweet. 

Job Posts on Recruiting Sites

Another native location to post job descriptions is on job sites like CareerBuilder, Monster, and Indeed. Do note that this is not a free option, though.

SimilarWeb gives analytics for these sites so you can make the best decision for where to post your open positions.

CareerBuilder boasts 17.13 million visits to their site in the last 6 months. comes in with 12.44 million and Indeed with 435 million. These numbers show the importance of finding the right sites like these to post your job openings—lots of people are clearly using these sites. However, it is still important to vet the sites to see if the right candidates are using them because views for views sake doesn’t do you any good. 

Where to Recruit Insurance Agents

Once you’ve posted your job opening, you don’t have to sit around and wait for applicants. You can be proactive and go look for candidates yourself! 

One of the best places to start is LinkedIn mostly because of the way you can search based on the location, skills, and/or current job title you’re looking for. But there are also just a lot of people on the site—660 million users as of 2019. Especially in the business world, almost everyone has a LinkedIn profile. 

Another place to browse for candidates is on those sites we mentioned earlier—CareerBuilder, Monster, Indeed, and others like them. While we mentioned these as places to post the job description, many of these sites also allow candidates who are looking for work to post their resumes for recruiters to find. 

Another way to find qualified candidates is to put an employee referral program in place. Why not have employees you already trust help you recruit people they would recommend? Even a $100-$200 referral bonus can be enough incentive to get your employees to be thinking of who they might know that would be a good fit for the position.

Tracking Agent Recruitment

Whether you’re heavily recruiting agents or just hiring every once in awhile, you need a place to track and manage them.

AgencyBloc, an agency management system for life & health insurance agencies, allows you to track agents throughout the recruiting process and then as a contracted agent or employee of your agency.

You can store an abundance of information on agents in AgencyBloc:

  • Personal information (Name, DOB, SSN)
  • Contact information (Phone number(s), Email, Physical Address)
  • Type (Prospect, Recruiting, Onboarding, Active, Termed, Retired, etc.)
  • Classification (Tier 1, Tier 2, etc.)
  • NPN
  • Lead information (Date, Source, etc.)
  • Primary Market (Med Supp, Health, Life, etc.)
  • Team (assign them to a team within your agency)
  • Their clients & policies
  • Their Activities (to-dos)
  • Notes & Attachments
  • E&O information
  • Contracts
  • Licenses
  • Commission data
  • Custom Fields (create fields for anything else you’d like to track)

While you use this information to attract them, it’s also a perk to be able to tell your agents that you keep track of important paperwork like E&O, contracts, & licenses for them. With AgencyBloc, you can even set up automation to ensure they’re reminded when E&O, contract, and license expirations or renewals are approaching.

To review: in order to attract new talent to your insurance agency, you should showcase your company’s culture on your website and social media, provide benefits employees truly care about, and put emphasis on providing technology and tools for them to succeed.

As far as posting a job description for hiring insurance agents, utilize your company’s website, social media, and recruiting sites. Use social media and recruiting sites to proactively be on the lookout for talented agents, as well.

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