3 Ways to Connect with the Senior Market

3 Ways to Connect with the Senior Market

Who is the Senior Market?

Seniors are part of two generations: the Baby Boomers and the Silent. If these terms are new to you, here is a quick breakdown:

  • Silent
    • Born between 1925 and 1945
    • Ages range from 72 to 92
    • 28 million in the US
    • Lived through WWI, WWII, and The Great Depression
  • Baby Boomers
    • Born between 1946 and 1964 
    • Ages range from 53 to 71
    • 74.9 million in the US
    • Over 40 million are 65+
    • Children of the Silent Generation

The vast majority of those in both generations are either retired or near retirement and are looking for your help.

How to Connect with Them

Any successful sales and marketing strategy connects with prospects where they’re most comfortable. Tactics you use for those still working or those in their younger years won’t work as well for those in the senior market. This group isn’t as attached to technology as those of younger generations and, with that, they don’t spend as much time glued to their smartphones. So if you currently only connect digitally with your seniors, you should consider additional communication methods. 


Seminars are the perfect opportunity for you to gather many people of your target audience together in one space. Plus, it gives seniors a chance to “get out”. Hold the seminar somewhere in the community that would be of interest to them like a museum or a community center. Provide food and handouts so your audience feels more at ease. Then, sit them all down for around 30 minutes and give your pitch. They’ll get a feel for who you are, you’ll gather their contact information, and you both can proceed how you see fit from there. Initiating your relationship in person with this generation will likely be more successful in the long run.

Direct Mailers

Mailers are great for two reasons: they’re cheap and everyone loves getting mail. Just keep these design ideas in mind for when you’re creating your mailer:

  • Use stark contrast. Older eyes have trouble differentiating colors than younger eyes, so red text on a brown background might not be as easily read as white on blue. Stick to the colors opposite each other on the color wheel. The higher the contrast, the better.
  • Use large font. I would suggest staying right around a 14 or 16-point font size. The larger the better.
  • Age appropriate. Keep in mind who your audience is. Steer clear from busy images, wacky colors, and abstract designs. Straight, simple, and clear is your best friend when you’re designing for the senior community.
  • Don’t use too much text. Keep your message simple and short. If you try to squish too much information on the flier, your audience may not be able to comprehend it all.
  • Go oversized. Choosing an oversized postcard vs. a standard 4x6 or 5x7 will not only make it easier to design an easily readable and attractive mailer, it will also stand out in the pile of mail in the prospect’s box. Oversized postcards are typically 9x6 or 11x6.

Keep it Local

Seniors are dedicated to staying up-to-date with what’s going on around them. U.S. News found that 46% of those who are 65 and older pick up a printed newspaper on a daily basis and 42% watch the evening news regularly. Consider buying ad space on the basic local stations, sponsoring local events, and printing ads in the local newspaper to gain exposure with your target audience.

Are you struggling with the design of your next presentation?

Designing can be stressful. With you in mind, we created pre-designed PowerPoint Templates to make your next presentation shine with those seniors. Download these templates for free and start using them today!

Download PowerPoint Templates

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By Allison Babberl on February 7, 2017 in Lead Generation

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