How to Identify & Convert the Low-Hanging Fruit in Your Book of Business

How to Identify & Convert the Low-Hanging Fruit in Your Book of Business

How to Identify Low-Hanging Fruit in Your Book of Business

Low-hanging fruit is a metaphor for “doing the simplest or easiest work first. In sales, it means a target that is easy to achieve, a product or service that is easy to sell, or a prospective client who seems very likely to buy the product.”

Two measures of your success as an insurance agent are:

  • The number of clients you keep (retention)
  • The number of prospects you bring on (conversion)

For many agents and agencies, growing is the goal; but it doesn’t always have to be a valiant effort to make a new sale. Target these 3 groups to identify your low-hanging fruit:

  • Cross-Sells
  • Turning-26 Crowd
  • Turning-65 Crowd


Cross-selling is one of the easiest ways to build your book of business because you’re selling to your existing clients.

Did you know?

Selling to an existing client is actually easier and more cost-effective since you’re at least 40% more likely to convert them than a new prospect.

There are two main ways to identify potential cross-sell opportunities:

  • Perform a client needs assessment 
  • Run a report in your agency management system (AMS)

A client needs assessment (CNA) is a series of questions that help you identify potential gaps. Check out this video from Michael Sams of Sams/Hockaday & Associate, Inc. to see how he leveraged a CNA:


A CNA helps you discuss at length why X-coverage could be beneficial for the client to add. Run through the pros and cons to help them decide what is best for their needs, budget, and life.

Get insight before you use a CNA by running a cross-sell report in your AMS.

A cross-sell report (like the example from AgencyBloc shown below) is the savvy approach to quickly identify who is missing what coverage. For a successful and complete report, you must have your book in an organized, centralized place like an AMS.

Cross-Sell Report in AgencyBloc

Cross-Sell Report in AgencyBloc

Create the report, save it, then run it whenever you need more opportunities. Ideas about which cross-sells to target include:

  • They have life insurance with you but don’t have health insurance
  • They have health insurance with you but don’t have life insurance
  • They are a group health insurance client but don’t have add-ons like dental and vision
  • They have life insurance with you but don’t have any annuities
  • They have life insurance with you but don’t have short-term disability coverage
  • They have original Medicare but no cancer insurance

The report takes seconds of your time and gives you the information you need to reach out to clients.

Turning-26 Crowd

As you know, 26 is the age where dependents must find their own insurance. This group is likely made up of the children and grandchildren of your clients. Know who will be affected and how you can help before you start the CNA. 

In AgencyBloc, you can identify qualifying candidates 3 ways:

Set up your parameters to include individuals turning 26 or those with relations who will be turning 26. With an Automated Workflow task reminder, you’ll receive a task on your dashboard to reach out and consult with the individual and/or their family. Or, use a Custom Report and/or Saved Search to produce a real-time list you can work through.

Pro Tip

Using the Saved Search function, you can run the list once, pin it to your dashboard, and you’ll have a list to work from that’s updated daily!

Although many may be employed and receive benefits that way, it never hurts to check in in case they fall into one of these categories:

  • Don’t have access to coverage through work
  • Still in school pursuing an advanced degree
  • Freshly graduated, working at an internship without benefits
  • An independent worker or freelancer
  • A solo entrepreneur 

Use your AMS to keep track of all relations within your book of business. In AgencyBloc, you can create notes and activities to help you track your client’s entire life. Ask questions about their kids and take an interest in their life to ensure you’re providing them with the products and services they need. 

Track what’s going on and help them celebrate milestones in their life—not just their birthday. Celebrate significant life events like:

  • Landing the lead in the school play/musical
  • Making the winning touchdown/other sports celebration
  • Their art is put on display at the local museum
  • They get a solo in band/choir
  • Their high school graduation
  • They make the dean's list/honors list

Pro Tip

AgencyBloc integrates with Rocket Referrals who you can use to send “handwritten” cards to your clients and their relations which can save you time, money, and hand cramps.

It’s amazing how those little instances add up and can make a big impression. A handwritten card especially will help them feel special and give them the sense that you care. Sara O’Brien, from our team, discusses in her blog how her family agent made her feel special and how that impacted her decisions down the road.

Turning-65 Crowd

You can approach this group in many of the same ways as we discussed in the turning-26 group—just don’t send them a Happy High School Graduation card!

Set reminders in AgencyBloc to track which of your clients are close to aging out to be proactive and make the transition smooth. Use a CNA for these meetings to ensure your new Medicare clients are getting all the coverage they need.
Take it a step further and set up a workflow to nurture them into their new coverage. Note: for this to be possible, you must have an AMS with workflow automation capabilities like AgencyBloc’s Automated Workflows.

New Medicare Client Workflow Example:

Trigger: Contact’s status updates to Medicare Client

  • 0 days after: A welcome email is sent to the client and a notification is sent to the agent of record to reach out and welcome them
  • 7 days after: A high priority task is created for the agent of record to check in to make sure they’ve received all of their information
  • 1 month after: A high priority task is created for the agent of record to reach out to see if they’ve experienced any problems with prescriptions or visits
  • 3 months after: A high priority task is created for the agent of record to check how things are going
  • 6 months after: A high priority task is created for the agent of record to reach out and make sure the client has everything they need

Customize your workflow to send emails and task assignments of your choosing. Integrate carrier-specific or policy-type-specific information emails within your workflow to give your clients extra educational resources. If you choose this route, narrow the scope of who will receive the emails by utilizing recipient filters.

Additionally, you can add in contact-specific information with variable data. Variable data often appears like this: [FirstName]. It allows you to personalize messages while only having to write one email. Each time the email is sent, it will pull the data from the contact’s profile and insert the appropriate information where indicated. Examples of this include:

  • [FirstName] becomes Alan
  • [PolicyNumber] becomes KDUW2897324092
  • [BusinessPhone] becomes 555-393-3399

Finding Your Low-Hanging Fruit

As we discussed, step one to converting your low-hanging fruit is to identify them. The best way to do this is with an industry-specific agency management system (AMS). An AMS allows you to manage leads, clients, and policies in one central location that’s searchable and reportable. 

Taking extra care of the clients you already have can improve your client retention rate. Without a streamlined approach, your low-hanging fruit can easily go unnoticed, and those growth opportunities could be lost. 

If your system isn’t providing you with the ability to identify your low-hanging fruit, it may be time to consider moving to one that does. To help you with your software search, check out these free resources:

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This blog was previously posted on January 31, 2018 and updated on June 30, 2020.

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