[eBook] 7 Life Insurance Marketing & Selling Tips

Life insurance is one of the least bought coverages in the United States. In this ebook, learn how you can successfully market life insurance to your audience and convert more prospects to clients.

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Marketing & Selling Life Insurance

Less than two-thirds of Americans own a life insurance policy, and the number of people with life insurance policies has been steadily falling since 1960. U.S. families agree that life insurance is a necessity, but are far more concerned with financially preparing themselves for retirement and making ends meet for that month. So, how can you as an agent show your clients how they can do both?

In this eBook, you'll learn:

What is the biggest concern for U.S. citizens when it comes to purchasing life insurance?
What are some strategies you can use to market life insurance to your audience that'll make them want to buy?
BONUS: How can a management system like an AMS/CRM help you sell more life policies?

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