[Webinar] How to Sell Short-Term Care with Confidence

In this webinar, John Hockaday, COO & Principal of New Horizons Insurance Marketing, will show you an attractive alternative to long-term care and how to sell it with confidence.

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Getting Your Clients Excited About Short-Term Care

Short-term care is becoming the new long-term care for seniors. New Horizons Insurance Marketing put together a "Quick Training Guide & Marketing Kit: How to Sell Short-Term Care with Confidence", and we're here to sum it up in a live webinar! Insurance sales expert, John Hockaday, will tell you how to get your clients excited about short-term care so you can sell with confidence.

Watch this webinar, John will cover:

What Happened to Long-Term Care?
Short-Term Care vs. Long-Term Care: The Pros and Cons
Sales Techniques

Check out the training guide on New Horizons Insurance Marketing's website, and come to the webinar with questions for John!

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Guest Presenter:

John Hockaday, New Horizons Insurance Marketing

John Hockaday is the COO & Principal at New Horizons Insurance Marketing, Inc with 38 years experience in the insurance industry. John started Sams/Hockaday & Associates Insurance with Jeff Sams, in 1983. Sams/Hockaday grew to be 30-plus captive agents, which led to the development of New Horizons Insurance Marketing, which was formed in 1993.

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