[Infographic] Data Migration

Data Migration

Regardless of the system you choose, data migration often is the least fun part of moving to a new management system. However, by preparing your team and cleaning your data, your insurance agency can achieve a more streamlined, less stressful data migration process. The infographic below will demonstrate why being prepared for data migration is crucial.

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Preparing Your Data for Disaster Recovery

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What can I do?

These stats sound scary and could even drive you to think that you'd rather stay with your current solution even if it's not performing to the level that you need. Instead of letting this scare you off, choose to be prepared. When you decide to move, make sure and ask the sales rep about data migration. Here are some questions to get you started:

  • Do they help with data migration? Or, do they expect you to import on your own?
  • Do they offer templates for import?
  • What kind of communication are you going to get through the process?
  • How much will the migration cost?

For all the questions you should be asking and the answers you should be expecting, check out our blog: The 8 Questions You Should be Asking about Data Migration.

The Insurance Agency's Guide to Data Migration

Want to learn more about data migration?

15% of insurance agencies intend to adopt an Agency Management System (AMS) for the first time this year. This ebook can help your agency better understand what data migration is and how your team can get prepared to make it an easier transition.

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By Allison Babberl on March 10, 2017 in Database Management

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