A Day in the Life of an Insurance Agent

A Day in the Life of an Insurance Agent

Life of the Insurance Agent

Graph of the Insurance Agent's Typical Day

Let's look at a typical day as according to Ed Beggs, an independent agent with Ash Brokerage and Schmoop. Say you work an 8-to-10-hour day. A little over half that day will be filling out and filing paperwork. A couple hours are devoted to responding to emails and answering calls. One-to-two hours are for meetings. And that tiny last 2% will be a combination of bathroom breaks, lunch, snacks, texts to your significant other and family, watercooler chats with co-workers sharing funny client stories, and Facebook.


A Typical Day

An insurance agent’s day is filled with communication.There are clients/prospects to see, coworkers to talk to, meetings to attend, emails to be responded to, and phone calls to return. Insurance agents can receive hundreds of emails a day, plus calls, and other types of inquiries. It can be exhausting work, but well worth the effort. 

New Business + Existing Business = Lots of Paperwork

You can have multiple meetings, phone calls, emails and texts throughout the day with your various new clients (sending in policy applications and welcome letters), existing clients (sending renewal reminders and policy change updates), and, unfortunately, potential ex-clients (sending policy updates and regret letters). Regardless of whom you’re talking to, it will require a couple of hours of paperwork, filling out client information, and moving clients along the process.

“The agent may have a 30 minute conversation with the client, only to spend the next three hours identifying and obtaining policy forms, filling them out with client information and submitting them for processing.” 

Ed Beggs

In-between those meetings and paperwork are more emails, phone calls, and texts. Regardless of what kind of clients you work with, they will have a myriad of questions about coverages, changes, and additions. Every agent has their certain set of clients that just need a little more attention than others and that attention requires time and patience. To convert your prospects and keep your clients, you need to give each individual your undivided attention for an undisclosed amount of time, hence why 98% of the day is comprised of tasks relating to your clients.

It just doesn’t seem like you’ll ever have enough time to finish really anything.

Finding More Time in Your Day

“Technology deficiency is the first major issue facing the insurance industry today.”

Ed Beggs

If you’re suffering from the chaos of an email-and-paperwork-filled day, then technology could be your answer. An agency management system like AgencyBloc could be what you need. Automating your day-to-day process will let you focus more on the important tasks at hand like cultivating relationships and serving your clients to the best of your ability and keep all of your client information and data in one easily accessed system. Having your information stored in this manner can help cut down on the amount of time you spend filling out paperwork and client information, not to mention it will make servicing clients quicker as well. Basically, it’s like having an assistant that never takes a lunch, always there helping you stay up-to-date and client-focused. 

Ready to create efficiencies in your day-to-day?

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