How to Save 100+ Hours This OEP/AEP Season

How to Save 100+ Hours This OEP/AEP Season

Seamlessly integrating automation into your life

Likely, you have more automation in your day-to-day personal life than you realize. Think about it.

Do you have the coffee maker set to have your joe ready at 6 a.m. on the dot?

How often do you actually pay your bills? If you’re like me, then you have them setup to automatically pay, so you don’t forget.

And, for those of you living in chilly areas like us in Iowa, how much do you rely on that remote start to get you through the winter?

These are just a few examples, but they show just how much we use automation on a daily basis in our lives. So, why not automate your work life, too?

Insurance Industry + Automation

A study conducted by Service Now found the following to be the four major areas of concern for managers:

  1. Heavy administrative workloads leave less time for strategic work.
  2. Slow administrative processes lead to delays in value added work activities.
  3. Unstructured, manual tools reduce their company’s productivity.
  4. Spreadsheets and emails increase the probability of making mistakes.

For insurance agents, administrative tasks could include:

  • Policy renewals
  • Lead follow-up communications
  • Monitoring policy application statuses
  • New client onboarding
  • Email communications
  • Additional necessary paperwork

These tasks can take up to 15 hours a week, and some agents find that these can take up to 25% of their time. With that in mind, it may be worth considering automating some of these tasks (and others) to help save you time and money. Face it, 25% of your time is losing  a week each month or a quarter every single year.

If automation sounds like a win for you, here are some tasks that you may consider automating in your insurance agency:

Client Communications

Only 14% of insurance clients are satisfied with their current agent-client communications, and 47% want more. Your clients and prospects want to hear from you, but we know it can be hard—especially during OEP.

How often are you relying on sticky notes or Gmail/Outlook reminders on your phone to call or email your prospects and clients? Automation can help. Having an agency management system (AMS) with integrated Automated Workflow capabilities can make connecting with them a breeze. You can automate certain email communications like:

  • Happy Birthday
  • Thank You
  • Happy Holiday
  • Policy Renewal Reminder
  • Policy Application Process
  • Policy Success
  • Open Enrollment/Annual Election Period Reminder

AgencyBloc's Automated Workflow

AgencyBloc's Automated Workflow feature

Communication not only improves your client retention, but it also improves client satisfaction—and happy clients are 3 times more likely to refer you to a friend! Quote Wizard found that 65% of the leads insurance agents receive are via referrals. In fact, SMS University found referrals to be the number one lead source for agents this Annual Election Period (AEP) season.

Keeping in contact with your prospects and clients while also keeping them happy may just lead to more profitability. To learn more about how you can gain more referrals, check out our free eBook The Agent’s Guide to Referrals.

81% of insurance clients leave every year due to lack of communication; by using an automated client communication tool like Automated Workflow from AgencyBloc, you can ensure this doesn’t happen to you.

Internal Communications

Not only can client communications take up a lot of your time, but internal communication can as well. McKinsey & Co. reported that we spend 48% of our week writing emails, searching for information, and collaborating internally. Automation can cut that time drastically. With an industry-specific AMS like AgencyBloc, you can improve internal collaboration significantly. This will limit the amount of questions asked and time spent in discussions because your agents will quickly be able to pick up right where another has left off with a client. Improving the way your team communicates and collaborates through technology could raise the productivity of workers by 20-25%.

AgencyBloc's Individual Record

AgencyBloc's Individual Record Management

On top of that, you can setup Automated Workflows that delegate leads and tasks to different agents so that lead distribution is simple and fast. There are note sections within each client or prospect’s profile that allow you to record who they are, what they’re looking for, and any other pertinent information you may have.

Then, assigned tasks will show up on your agents’ dashboards giving them all the necessary information they need to start working leads, catch up with current clients, or convert prospects. One agency found that by using Automated Workflows in AgencyBloc, they were able to save 6 hours every Annual Election Period solely on lead distribution.

In addition, using automated reminders can help ensure that you and your agents’ licenses never expire. Set up an Automated Workflow in AgencyBloc to remind you one, two, or three months out (or whatever timetable works best for you) that your insurance license and/or E&O license is expiring. That way you’ll be able to stay on top of your agency, your clients, your agents, and yourself.

Learn more about how the Automated Workflow feature in AgencyBloc can further assist your internal and external communications by checking out our free eBook Automated Workflow for Insurance Agencies.


For those of you who process and manage commission splits and hierarchies, I applaud you. We know that can be a time-consuming, stressful, and often thankless job. But it doesn’t have to be so hard!

If you are currently processing, tracking, and managing your commission payments manually, then let’s talk about another option. Processing your commissions via manual options, like Excel spreadsheets or paper files, usually present these four major problems:

  1. They’re filled with errors
  2. They’re time-consuming
  3. They create an ineffective audit trail
  4. They provide restricted analyzation

Eighty-eight percent of spreadsheets contain errors, and it’s been found that 12 hours are spent each month consolidating, modifying, and correcting spreadsheets. One sales manager even admitted that he spends 90% of his time creating and/or editing a spreadsheet with new numbers.

The fact of that matter is, sometimes they just can’t keep up. Paper files and Excel spreadsheets don’t update automatically, so they require you to always manually update them and to never make a mistake. Then, because of all the time you’re spending to update them, you are left with zero opportunity to analyze and grow from them. 

As I said, there’s an easier way.

AgencyBloc's Commission Map

By automating your commissions process, you can cut your management time by 75%. How is this done? With the commissions module in AgencyBloc, you eliminate the time it takes you to go through and manually enter the payments received from the carrier, calculate the splits, and enter the final amounts paid to the house, the agent, the recruiter, sub agents, etc.

No matter the number of splits you have or levels of hierarchy, you can quickly enter these into the system, and it will handle them automatically. In short, you set up how the commissions will split and to whom, from there the system will do the rest for the entirety of the policy’s existence.

So how does the information get into the system? You import it in. Check out the 6 steps to processing commissions with AgencyBloc below:

Setup Commissions in AgencyBloc

Process Commissions in AgencyBloc

You can gain 90 hours back every month just from eliminating your manual inputs and calculations. Learn more about automating your commissions processing with AgencyBloc’s Commission Module in our free eBook How to Streamline Commissions Processing for Your Insurance Agency.


To grow your insurance agency, you need to understand where you are and what is a feasible next step. Enter analytics.

Analytics help to ensure your insurance agency is on track to meet the goals you’ve set. This can be difficult if you’re spending all of your time condensing and updating your paper files and spreadsheets. That’s where automated analytics can help.

AgencyBloc’s Dashboard Analytics feature gives you insight into the health of your book of business so you can make a better judgment of what your next step should be. You can use these tools to ensure you’re making the right decisions, receiving the correct commission payments from the carriers, and see who your top producing agents are, plus much more!

Why are analytics beneficial? Well, they give you a leg up on your competition by giving you a fuller, more robust view of your agency. That way you can tackle situations before they become problems and avoid any negative slides in your business.

Learn more about how the Dashboard Analytics feature in AgencyBloc can help you better understand your book of business and thus make more informed business-related decisions by checking out our free eBook AgencyBloc’s Dashboard Analytics.

Automation + Open Enrollment/Annual Election Period

So, you can use automation to stay on top of your leads, communicate more effectively internally and externally, better understand your book of business, make commissions processing more efficient, monitor all activities, streamline client onboarding and prospecting efforts, stay ahead of your activities and to-dos, manage your staff, and, basically, get more done with less effort.

Not only is automation awesome during your daily work life, but it especially comes in handy during Open Enrollment (OE) and Annual Election Period (AEP). Why? Because you’re already stressed to the max and ready for a vacation, and automation helps to ease some of that tension so you can, as I said earlier, get more done with less effort. Plus, it can really make a difference in your daily expenses. HR Lab found that by automating Open Enrollment, agencies can:

  • Cut dedicated HR staff time in half
  • Drop error rates to less than 1% (usually sits around 5%)
  • Save close to $500K (vs. similar paper-based processes)

Of course, the numbers are highly dependent on the size of your company, revenue, number of employees, etc. But the fact of the matter is, it can help you get more done with less effort, less time, and less money. Check out this video to learn more about how having an organized and automated process can make OE and AEP significantly less stressful:

Sound good to you? Let’s talk through some areas where you could integrate automation for Open Enrollment (although you can use this all year round, too!).

Email Templates for Open Enrollment Automation

Check out these six free downloadable email templates to create easy and effective automated emails during this upcoming Open Enrollment Season. Plus, you'll receive instructions on which tools to use in AgencyBloc and how you would do it.

Download Now


Renewals take up a bulk of your time during OE or AEP. By automating your client communications during OE and AEP, you can avoid a good chunk of that time spent. Setup automated drip email campaigns that are triggered to send before and during enrollment. For example, you could start the month prior to let your clients and prospects know OE is coming, then, once it's here, you can set up emails that let them know what they need to do and by when.

WARNING: Open Enrollment dates are on a state-by-state basis, make sure you have it marked correctly on your calendar!

You can also set up drip campaigns that follow your clients throughout the process so they’re always in-the-know of where their policy is and what their next actions are. 

Forced Policy Changes

Unfortunately, not all of your clients will be able to continue with the coverage type or carrier they currently have. The ACA can make it difficult with different carriers entering and exiting every year and different plans being offered.

Instead of emailing each of your clients separately, use Automated Workflow to send a mass email that is targeted and pertinent to its recipients. 


Maybe instead of clients, you manage agents. You’ll want to ensure that they are ready and prepared for OE and AEP. You can set up drip campaigns with information like helpful guides, email templates, and marketing ideas for your agents so they can have the most successful Open Enrollment or Annual Election Period yet!


Setup a basic lead form on your website to capture contact information for those who are interested in enrolling their policy with you. By building the lead form with AgencyBloc, any information your leads input into the form will go directly to AgencyBloc so you never miss a lead.

This information can send an activity and/or email to the correct agent so they’re immediately made aware of the potential prospect. The activity can be displayed on their dashboard and prompt them to move quickly so they can be the first to contact the lead.

To learn more about lead tracking with AgencyBloc, check out our free white paper Lead Follow-Up: Using AgencyBloc to nurture and convert your leads.

Integrating AgencyBloc

Open Enrollment starts soon and Annual Election Period starts very soon. You still have time if you think an industry-specific agency management system (AMS) like AgencyBloc would be beneficial for your agency.

Worried you don’t have the time get up and going? Give us a call! For many of our clients, we have them up and running within a few weeks. It’s highly dependent on what your data migration looks like.

Either way, we can start the conversation and see where it goes!

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