How to Save 100+ Hours This OEP/AEP Season

How to Save 100+ Hours This OEP/AEP Season

Using Automation During Open Enrollment & Annual Election Period

We’ve discussed at length how you can use automation to:

  • Efficiently manage leads
  • Communicate more effectively internally and externally
  • Make commissions processing more efficient
  • Monitor all of your activities
  • Streamline client onboarding
  • Manage your staff
  • And, basically, get more done with less effort

Not only is automation a great asset during your daily work life, but it especially comes in handy during the busy times of the year like Open Enrollment (OE) and Annual Election Period (AEP).

Automation helps you save time, work more efficiently, and streamline your efforts. Plus, it allows you to work smarter, not harder by giving you the opportunity to focus on more revenue-generating opportunities or to simply stay afloat during the enrollment season madness. 

It sounds great, but where do you start? Let’s discuss the different areas you can use automation for OE and AEP. 


It’s no secret that many agencies thrive based on their renewal income each and every year. For that fact (and that you likely want to grow), renewals are important to track, manage, and follow-up with. 

Set up a Policy Renewal workflow that alerts both you and your client of the upcoming renewal date for their policy. We recommend starting these emails at least 3 months out to give both you and your client plenty of time to prepare, meet, and update the policy. 

For many of your clients, these renewals come during OE and AEP. To help them prepare for the upcoming enrollment season in general, set up an automated drip email campaign. You can organize these in a similar fashion where you alert all of your health insurance individuals of the upcoming enrollment season, dates, and the actions they need to take.

In these emails, give your clients instructions on what they need to do and what their deadline is. For example, you could have the first email send a month prior to let all of your clients and prospects know that OE is just around the corner. Each successive email can include more information and increase in urgency so they update their policy in the allotted time. 

If you’re not sure where to start with these emails, check out our free Open Enrollment email templates. They’ll guide you in setting up beneficial emails, writing the email, and will show you how you can do so with AgencyBloc. 

Forced Policy Changes

Unfortunately, not all of your clients will be able to continue with the coverage type or carrier they currently have. The ACA can make it difficult with different carriers entering and exiting every year and different plans being offered. 

Instead of calling everyone individually, set up a mass email that targets the affected individuals within your book of business. This ensures they receive the pertinent information and have next action steps to take to rectify the situation. 


Just like any other time of the year, you want to continue your growth. Create your own custom lead form and place it on your website to capture new leads and inquiries that you can work instantly. 

AgencyBloc’s lead form builder gives you this opportunity. Connect your lead form to a workflow that emails you and assigns you a task the moment a new lead comes in. This gives you the chance to follow up immediately and improve your likelihood of conversion. 

Curious about managing your leads more efficiently? Check out our free white paper, Lead Follow-Up: Using AgencyBloc to nurture and convert your leads

The other benefit of having your lead form tied directly to your AMS is that all of the necessary information is in one place. You can easily find all of their information and fill out more while you speak with them on the phone. Take notes and upload attachments pertinent to that individual so you can have a permanent digital paper trail of that prospect’s communications with you. 

Getting Your Agency Ready 

Open Enrollment starts soon and Annual Election Period starts even sooner. It’s imperative that you have a plan in place. Need a little help in planning? Check out this blog: Dates to Know for This Year's Open Enrollment Season Plus Productivity Tips.

Pam S.

"During Open Enrollment 3 years ago, AgencyBloc saved me 40 hours of time. I pulled 2 paper files during the whole OE period. Last year, we saved even more time. Honestly, I can't tell you when, in the last year and a half, I've pulled a paper file."
—Pam S., Redline Health

You still have time to get up and running with your new AMS before enrollment season hits. But, you want to start the process soon.

Worried you don’t have the time to get up and running? Give us a call! For many of our clients, we have them up and running within a few weeks. It’s highly dependent on what your data migration looks like.

Either way, we can start the conversation and see where it goes!

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This blog was originally published on August 7, 2018 and updated on July 30, 2019.

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