Effectively manage policy renewals with an easy-to-use agency management system.

A crucial piece of policy management is monitoring and ultimately converting upcoming health policy renewals in your insurance book of business. An industry-specific agency management system (AMS) can help you keep your policies current while creating a process to ensure renewals aren’t missed in the future.

Manage upcoming policy renewals in AgencyBloc in two ways:

  • Saved Searches
  • Automated Workflow

AgencyBloc’s Advanced Search feature lets you monitor the breakdown of policies and the number of upcoming policy renewals. You can even pull a list of upcoming health policy renewals and pin it to your Dashboard. Updated every morning, this list gives you a broad overview of which renewals are coming due soon and the time commitment needed to ensure you can convert each one.

Policy renewal Automated Workflow in AgencyBloc

Automated Policy Renewal Management

Manage online policy renewals by creating Automated Workflows in AgencyBloc’s policy administration software that trigger emails and agent task assignments for upcoming policy renewals. Using automation to maintain consistent communication increases client retention and improves agent-client relationships. 

Policy renewal Automated Workflow actions in AgencyBloc

Online Policy Renewal Workflows

A typical workflow process agencies follow is:

  • 90 Days Before Renewal: An email is issued to the client to alert them of the upcoming renewal, and a task is created for the agent of record to reach out
  • 60 Days Before Renewal: An email is issued to the client to remind them of the upcoming renewal, and a task is created for the agent of record to connect
  • 30 Days Before Renewal: An email is issued to the client urging them to update their policy, and a task is created for the agent of record to get a renewal submitted
  • 14 Days Before Renewal: A final email is sent to the client regarding their upcoming policy renewal, and an urgent priority task is created for the agent of record

See Real Agency Experiences

"Before AgencyBloc, our office used a separate spreadsheet for every activity. One question from a client could take 5 minutes to answer simply because we had to locate in WHICH spreadsheet the info was hidden. Now, all communications, policy, and follow-up information is in one place. We would be lost without this product!"

SaraMarie B.
Insurance Advocates

"AgencyBloc has been a great solution for my health insurance office. I used to struggle with a generic CRM to make it specific to health insurance. There was always something missing. Now it is a breeze to track clients, policies and conversations. I highly recommend AgencyBloc as your CRM if you sell any health insurance product."

Tammy M.
McGregor Benefits

"AgencyBloc has made a huge difference for me in the area of production, efficiency, and convenience. It is very simple to use, functional, and it operates very clean. By that I mean it works. Much stress has been lifted by being able to locate clients, policies, set follow up activities, make notes, and store important documents. I had my best AEP this year and AgencyBloc is a big contributor to that."

Randy S.
One Life America

"AgencyBloc is a comprehensive system for an affordable price. It allows us to be well organized and to take care of all of our clients and prospects. We’re able to log all service calls, emails, sales prospects, and send policy renewal reminders. This allows us to provide a strong paper trail if and when we may need to resolve any E&O issues."

Mike R.
Fortress Benefits

"AgencyBloc has helped streamline pretty much everything—our business, our reporting, our policies. It has made our business flow so much better."

Sammantha N.
Next Step Insurance

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