[Webinar] Succession Planning 101: How to Retire as an Independent Insurance Agent

Do you have a plan in place for when you retire? Join us and guest John Hockaday to learn about why you need a plan and where to start.

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John Hockaday, New Horizons Insurance Marketing

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COO & Principal
New Horizons Insurance Marketing

You'll learn:

Why only 10% of agents pass their book onto their kids
How to determine the value of your book
What to keep in mind when you start succession planning
PLUS: Get your questions answered from a seasoned insurance agent who's planning his own retirement!

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  • What are my retirement options?

    As an agent, you have three options for your book of business once you decide to retire: You can pass it on (to a child, a coworker, associate, etc.), you can sell, or you can let the business run off.

  • What if I'm not ready to retire?

    A Nationwide study found that 66% of financial professionals DON'T have a succession plan in place. Even if your planned retirement date is 10 years down the road, having a plan in place is crucial to helping you be prepared and to make the transition as seamless as possible.

  • How much is my book worth if I decide to sell?

    It's a combination of your gross commissions and the state of your data. If your book of business is full of wonky, out-of-date information, or it's formatted incoherently, the value will quickly diminish. The buyer needs to be able to absorb your book quickly so they can start working it immediately.