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One thing life & health insurance agencies are always thinking about: providing excellent customer service. Using automation, your agency can ensure you're providing the right information at the right time to your audience but without adding a lot of work to your plate. 

But how do you ensure the emails you're sending to prospects and clients will convert new business and increase client retention?

A good email template does a few things:

  • It catches attention but remains clear with its subject line. Getting someone to open your email requires attention-grabbing messaging, but be careful to not be too obscure in your attempts.
  • It provides the necessary information at the beginning of the message. Don't make your reader scan too far for the information you want them to see. Keep the message short!
  • It is on-brand and thoroughly checked for grammar and punctuation. This email may be one of the first impressions your client has with you—make it a good one!
  • It arrives at the right time. We receive thousands of messages every week across the many channels we check—text, email, social, etc. Make sure your email arrives at the time your prospect or client needs the information.

Ready to start creating your own automated email messages? See below for 7 email example templates your agency can take and edit to follow up with new leads, welcome new clients to your agency, and communicate about important things like policy renewals, age-based coverage, referrals, and more. 

Want to download the editable Word doc & PDF of the following email templates? Grab those here

Email Templates for Life & Health Insurance Agencies

One main reason a client may leave your agency is if they feel they don't hear from you enough. While they don't want to be spammed with constant messaging, they do expect to hear from you when you have meaningful information to share. 

Below, we share 7 situations you could be reaching out to your clients and how to automate this messaging. 

1. Clients Turning 65 | Senior/Medicare Email Template

Agents and advisors know there are certain products that pertain to a person at a certain time in their life. Make sure you have messaging set up to reach out to those clients when those milestones are approaching so an opportunity is never missed.

Timing: Send this email at least 4-6 months before their 65th birthday—the earlier the better.

How to automate: Use an Automated Workflow that triggers 4-6 months before client’s 65th birthday.

Subject: Medicare Information for You

Hi [First Name],

I’m reaching out because your birthday is approaching!

I wanted to get in front of you in ample time before you turn 65 and share some information about your Medicare options.

Do you have a time [next week] that works to have a quick call?

Looking forward to speaking!

[Agent/Broker Signature]

2. Insurance Renewal Email Template

Policy renewals are often top of mind for health and life agencies. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't put time and effort into ensuring your process around renewals is buttoned up. And that process always begins with communicating with your clients.

Timing: Send this email at least 3 months before the policy expiration or renewal date.

How to automate: Use an Automated Workflow that triggers 3 months before a policy’s renewal date.

Subject: Your Policy's Renewal Date is Approaching

Hi [First Name],

I’m reaching out because we haven’t yet discussed your policy renewal. Your [policy] is set to [expire/renew] on [date].

Do you have a time [next week] that works to have a quick call to discuss?

Look forward to speaking!

[Agent/Broker signature]

3. Policy Status Update Email Template

As humans, we want to be assured often when undergoing a new or lengthy process. Applying for a new policy can be nerve wracking for individual and group clients, so provide assurance throughout the process with automated emails triggered by status updates.

Timing: Send this email immediately when a policy status updates.

How to automate: Use an Automated Workflow that triggers when a policy’s status updates. You specify what status and can choose criteria it also needs to meet.

Subject: Your Policy's Status Has Updated

Hi [First Name],

Just reaching out to update you on your policy!

Your [policy] status has updated to [status].

Let me know if you have any questions at this stage; I’ll continue to keep you updated.


[Agent/Advisor signature]

4. New Prospect - Lead Form Submission Follow-up Email Template

This email is meant to introduce yourself as an insurance agent to your potential new client. How do you introduce yourself? The best way is by responding immediately to their request for information on your website. This shows you're timely and care about providing great service.

Using the template below, you could consider adding unique information about yourself as an agent or about your agency. You could add a link to the About Us area of your website, a client testimonial, or other information that will help to provide social proof while you're in the process of connecting with the client.

Timing: Send/automate this email immediately after someone fills out your lead form on your website.

How to automate: Use an Automated Workflow that triggers when someone fills out a lead form on your website.

Subject: We’ve Received Your Info

Thanks for contacting us! We wanted to let you know we’ve received your form submission and someone will be reaching out shortly!

If you would rather, you can always reach us at [phone number].

Thanks again!

[Agent/Advisor signature]

5. New Client "Welcome to Our Agency" Email Template

One way to combat buyer's remorse is to welcome new clients to your agency with excitement. Use this opportunity to reach out and thank them for their business and set expectations for what's to come. This email is best when it's part of a full client onboarding strategy.

Timing: Send this email 1-3 days after gaining the new client/policy becomes active.

How to automate: Use an Automated Workflow that triggers when an individual’s type updates to “client”.

Subject: Welcome to [Agency Name]!

Hi [First Name],

Welcome to [Agency Name]!

I’m glad I could help you find the solution you were looking for, and I look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, you can always reach me at [email] or [phone number].

Thanks again!

[Agent signature]

6. Referral Ask Email Template

It's no secret that life, health, benefits, and senior market agencies all often create lucrative sales funnels through referrals. But why wait for referrals to come in organically? It never hurts to have a plan in place for reaching out to your top clients to ask for referrals proactively. This email is best used in tandem with a full referral conversion strategy.

Timing: Send this email a few weeks to a couple months after gaining the new client.

How to automate: Use an Automated Workflow that triggers when an individual’s type updates to “client”, but wait a few weeks to a couple months.

Subject: Can I help any of your friends or family?

Hi [First Name],

Thanks again for being part of [Agency Name]!

I’m glad I could help you find solutions that work for you, and I wanted to extend the help to any of your friends or family.

If it makes sense, I would be happy to answer any questions they might have if you’d like to pass along my contact info or let me know how I can reach them.

I sincerely appreciate it!
[Agent/Advisor signature]

7. Agent License Renewal Date Reminder Email Template

When agents join your agency or organization, they are looking for extra guidance and reassurance so they can focus on their sales strategies and business. One way to provide for your agents is to set up automation that will let them know when any of their licenses are approaching expiration or renewal. 

Timing: Send this email at least 3 months before the license expiration date.

How to automate: Use an Automated Workflow that triggers 3 months before an agent’s license expiration date.

Subject: Your License Expires Soon!

Hi [Agent First Name],

This is just a quick reminder that your [license] expires in [days/weeks/months].

Let me know if you need assistance in renewing or have any other questions.

Thanks again!

[Agency or Manager signature]

Email Marketing for Insurance Agencies

Today, ~92% of people in the United States use email to communicate. Email isn't going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, businesses continue to invest in ways to make their email marketing strategies better, and insurance agencies are no different. 

To nail your email marketing strategy, review the tips at the beginning of this article, work smarter by starting with email templates and editing as needed, and use software solutions that make it easy

Other email templates for health & life insurance agencies:

Email Marketing Software for Life & Health Agencies

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