A Specialized Agency Management System for Senior Market Insurance Professionals

Tackle Annual Election Period and the rest of the
year with software designed to optimize your agency.

Turning 65 Automated Workflow

An Easy-to-Use AMS That’s Designed To Help You Achieve More

As an agency serving the senior market, you’re responsible for helping your clients navigate the nuances of Medicare, long term care, etc. – and you need to be able to easily access, track, and manage specific carrier, policy, agent, and client data to provide the best service possible.

With the robust suite of agency management features and hands-on support that AgencyBloc provides, you can spend more time doing so.

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An AMS That Helps Your Senior Market Insurance Agency Accomplish More

  • Sales icon

    Sales Pipeline Management

    Identify new sales opportunities, effortlessly track leads, and help them move through your sales pipeline.

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  • Database icon

    Database Management

    Get complete access to all of your data in a simple, secure, easy-to-use platform so that you can do your job efficiently and effectively.

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    Workflow Automation Software

    Leverage workflow automation to ensure you know when clients are nearing 65 and simplify tracking policy changes, task management, agent licensing, and more.

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    Reporting and Data Analysis

    Utilize custom and pre-built data reports to keep tabs on important, time-sensitive information and act on it quickly.

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    Commissions Processing

    Save time, energy, and resources on commissions processing by managing all of your policy payout structures regardless of frequency in one centralized location.

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    Policy Management

    Cover all of your bases with easy-to-use policy management features and policy-specific fields for products in the senior market.

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What Other Senior Market Agencies Are Saying...

  • Kaylavon M.

    "I was documenting all of my client information via an Excel spreadsheet. It was so hard to manage. Matter of fact, it was downright insane! I'm telling you, you've got to get AgencyBloc. There is no other system. I couldn't do anything without it!"

    —Kaylavon M., MediSolutions, LLC

  • Ashley E.

    "In terms of the tool itself, the reporting features are phenomenal. The reports are completely customizable and you can pull all of the data points you're looking for in one report. The commissions feature of AgencyBloc is the best. It's cut my time spent on commissions in half. It's way more efficient."

    —Ashley E., Seniority Benefit Group

  • Jason S.

    "I can personally attest to the fact that we would not be able to keep up with production or maintain the reputation we have without AgencyBloc. It's one of the most valuable advancements our agency has seen. This transition has saved us 4x the cost of AgencyBloc just in administrative work."

    —Jason S., Stevens & Associates

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