2 Simple Steps for Automating Your Group Policy Renewals

2 Simple Steps for Automating Your Group Policy Renewals

Automation Adoption is Lacking

About “50% of current work activities are technically automatable by adapting currently demonstrated technologies.”


And you’re probably aware of all the things at your agency that you should automate, you just haven’t.

This same study from McKinsey suggests that as much as 30% of the hours worked could be automated by 2030.

The study does not suggest, however, that automation is going to completely replace workers. Rather, it points out that workers can automate more than they currently are, allowing themselves to focus on other tasks.

One area of focus for life and health insurance agencies is policy renewals. This applies to both individuals and groups.

There are only 2 steps you need to take to automate most of the renewal process. You, as the agent, are still needed to provide your expertise and options, but the communication about an upcoming renewal can and should be automated.

Let’s take a look at a group policy renewal automated workflow.

Automating a Group Policy Renewal

First, you’ll need the technology to automate. In these examples, we’ll highlight AgencyBloc. AgencyBloc uses workflow automation to send emails and assign tasks so important activities aren’t missed.

Depending on the size of your book, renewals are a regular occurrence. Because policy renewals tend to follow the same steps, this is a great opportunity to implement automation.

AgencyBloc has a pre-built workflow you can work from.

It is looking for group clients with policies that have approaching renewal dates. It assigns activities to the policy’s account manager to remind them to reach out and get the renewal going.

There are only 2 steps you need to take. I’ll outline them with the Group Policy Renewal example from our Client Help Center:

1. Choose Workflow Details/Criteria

  • Trigger Type: Policies
  • Trigger When: a policy’s renewal date is approaching
  • Criteria: Group Policies, Policy Status = Active, Group Type = Client, Group Status = Enrolled

Policy renewal automation

These are the first things you choose when setting up an Automated Workflow in AgencyBloc. You tell AgencyBloc which people to look for or what scenarios to find. You also tell it what NOT to include.

Next, you’ll define what you want to happen.

2. Choose Action Details

  • 3 months before renewal date: Activity assigned to policy's account manager with a due date to get in touch with group's primary contact
  • 1 month before renewal date: Activity assigned to policy's account manager to remind them to get the renewal process started
  • 7 days before renewal date: Activity assigned to policy's account manager to check that the paperwork is in process for the renewal

Policy renewal actions

These actions (emails or activities) are customizable. You choose whatever timeframe makes sense to you, you choose the details around the assigned activities (including priority and due date!), and you choose what the emails say.

So, what does all of this mean?

With these 2 steps, you’ve ensured that you’ll never miss a renewal follow-up. The activity will appear on the assigned person’s AgencyBloc dashboard and emails will be sent to the appropriate people as another reminder.

Many agencies choose to add another email to this workflow for their clients. Sending them a quick email reassures them that you’re being proactive about their renewal and that you’ll be reaching out soon to discuss.

After reading through this example, what else do you think you could automate at your agency?

Other examples in our Client Help Center include:

  • Happy Birthday
  • New Individual Prospect
  • Lead Form Submitted
  • Policy Application Submitted
  • Agent License Expiration

When you know that clients will without hesitation leave your agency due to lack of communication, and you know that you should call a new lead within 5 minutes for the best chance at gaining their business, you have to have technology in place to support this.

Doing so will not only create efficiencies for you, but will do wonders for your client relationships as well.

If you’re a numbers person, consider the following statistics.

  • Without an effective system in place, 79% of leads don’t convert.
  • Better client relationships are attained by 74% of businesses using a CRM/AMS.
  • Productivity increased in 50% of teams utilizing a CRM/AMS.

AgencyBloc is an Agency Management System (AMS) that has built-in automated workflow capabilities. This means that in addition to thorough tracking of individuals, groups, policies, agents, and carriers, you can use that data to create efficiencies.

You can also use that data to monitor the health of your business via real-time graphs and charts and powerful reporting tools.

Ready to take the leap into working smarter, not harder?

Automate Your Agency with AgencyBloc

AgencyBloc allows you to work smarter, not harder through the use of Automated Workflow. Set up scenarios where automated tasks are assigned and emails are sent to the right people at the right time so nothing is missed.

Check it out!

Kelsey Rosauer

By Kelsey Rosauer on June 5, 2018 in Automation

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