[Free Templates] 7 Automated Email Templates for Insurance Agencies

Automated emails are an easy way to stay in contact with your clients, prospects, and agents without a lot of time or resources on your part. Here are 7 automated emails you can set up (+ the email text & how to automate!).

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Work Smarter, Not Harder.

Maintaining regular communication with your clients and prospects is vital to a healthy relationship with them.

In fact, 80% of clients claim "lack of communication" as the reason they leave an insurance agent or agency.

Automation is the perfect way for agents and agencies to continually communicate with clients and prospects while not adding additional work to their day.

Within these templates are the email text for common instances life and health insurance agencies reach out to clients, prospects, and agents. Plus, you'll see how to set up the automation behind these using AgencyBloc.

Templates included:

  1. Clients Turning 65
  2. Policy Renewal
  3. Policy Status Update
  4. New Prospect - Lead Form Submission
  5. New Client Welcome
  6. Referral Ask
  7. Agent License Renewal Date

Download the Email Templates!