How to Find & Collect Missed Commissions With an Agency Management System

How to Find & Collect Missed Commissions With an AMS

Identifying Missed Commissions with an Agency Management System

Each year, we survey life and health insurance agencies on technology they use to enhance their business. Part of that survey dives into what agencies utilize for commissions processing. When asked what they struggle with most in regards to commissions, they said identifying missed commissions from carriers. This was above processing in a timely manner, projecting future commissions, and tracking commissions for each agent.

Identifying missed commissions is a hot topic amongst agencies, especially in the first quarter of the year. After Open Enrollment, those big commissions statements come in from carriers, and it’s time to check to be sure you’re being paid for all that work.

When asked whether they regularly look for/identify missed commission payments from carriers, 47% of agencies said they’re simply lacking the technology to do so. And that’s what we’re going to focus on in this blog.

AgencyBloc’s Commission Module is an industry-specific tool that helps life and health insurance agencies track and process commissions. Part of that process within AgencyBloc includes tools that help you identify whether or not carriers paid you AND, more importantly, if you were paid correctly.

Using AgencyBloc’s Commission Module, agencies not only spend way less time processing (75-85% less time in many cases), but they also have found thousands of dollars in missed commissions from carriers. 

Let’s talk about:

  • The data AgencyBloc uses to ensure accurate tracking so you can identify all of your missed commissions (Bill from Date is important here)
  • The reports used to identify whether you’ve been paid and if it was the amount you expected

Policy & Commission Data Needed to Find Missed Commissions

In order to identify missing commissions, you first need to be tracking thorough policy and commission data, ideally in the same system, like an agency management system (AMS).

Important data points on a policy record for identifying missed commissions:

  • Effective date—used to know when the commission payments are supposed to begin
  • Premium amount (if applicable)—used to know how much commission payments are supposed to be
  • Number of lives (if applicable)—used to know how much commission payments are supposed to be
  • Commission frequency—used to know how often you should expect the commission amount

These pieces of data, combined with Bill from Date (explained below), allow AgencyBloc to quickly identify missed commissions.

Bill from Date

In AgencyBloc, the premium period you are getting paid FOR is tracked in a field called “Bill from Date”. This is NOT the month you are getting paid IN (called “Statement Date”). 

Why is this important? With this, your agency is able to identify whether or not a carrier paid you, no matter when they did.

For example, you get a March statement, but on that statement date were payments for January, February, and March (three different bill from dates). Using a system like AgencyBloc that allows you to track both, you’re able to easily see what you have and have not been paid on.

Note: While it’s called Bill from Date in AgencyBloc, it’s also known as “paid from date”, “premium due date”, “billed date”, and other terms. Each carrier statement can differ. Also, if the carrier doesn’t provide this, you can still add it to statements in AgencyBloc (even in mass).

That was a lot of nitty-gritty information, but it’s important to understand the basis of how exactly missed commissions are found—it relies on 1) your data, but also 2) a system that understands your business and gives you the fields needed to effectively track your data.

Reports to Identify Missed Carrier Commissions

Now, let’s get to the fun part—the reports in AgencyBloc that make these missed commissions from carriers obvious.

Commission Not Received - Was I paid at all?

This is a report in AgencyBloc that tells you which policies you have not been paid on during a specific time frame.

There are a few options while running this report:

  • Using “Statement Date” will show you anything that’s missing that you entered during a specific time frame. For instance, you might say, “Show me anything that’s missing that I entered from September 2020 to December 2020.” AgencyBloc will then only look at commission entries that you entered in those statement dates.
  • Using “Bill from Date” (what we usually recommend) will search through every commission entry ever entered and search those entries for the Bill from Date range you chose. For example, you might say, “Tell me if I ever got paid for entries between September 2020 and December 2020.” AgencyBloc will search all commission entries to identify these, such as a payment you received on January’s statement, but that was for December.

Commission Not Received Report | AgencyBloc

Many agencies choose to run this report a few months “late” to give the carrier a bit of time to catch up on payments. 

With these reports, you can also filter on a specific carrier, policy status, and more.

The reports will include policy data like...

  • Policyholder name
  • Number
  • Carrier
  • Status
  • Effective date, the data you’re truly after, commission data:

  • What was received (or if nothing was received or expected) broken out by month
  • The last Bill from Date recorded on a policy so you can quickly see if commissions were missed
    • For example, the report shows an amount received for September, October, but not November. But, there is a December date in this column indicating that the November payment from the carrier may have been missed.
  • The data needed to reconcile these missed payments with the carrier—SSN, DOB, Medicare IDs, address & phone number info

Expected Commissions - Was I paid, and was it the right amount?

Knowing if you were paid at all is one thing; ensuring it’s the correct amount is another. 

Before, we talked about the data needed to identify missed commissions, and it’s mostly the same for identifying inaccuracies, but also includes the amount you expect. On each policy in AgencyBloc, you enter an expected commission amount, or you use AgencyBloc’s projection tables that allow you to create common rate structures and mass assign them to policies based on different criteria.

With this data, it becomes easy to identify which policies have missing commission dollars—looking at what came in vs. what you expected.

Expected vs. Received Commissions | AgencyBloc

To sum up in a high-level way, AgencyBloc simply helps you strategically use the data you already have to identify missed and/or inaccurate commissions—something that is incredibly time-consuming and error-prone when done manually.

Becca D.

"We have been able to recover over $69,000 in missing compensation with AgencyBloc."
—Becca D., United Producers Group
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If your agency is looking for a way to easily identify missed commissions, it’s time to consider an industry-specific solution like AgencyBloc. One of the best ways to know if we’ll be the right fit is to speak 1-on-1 with someone on our team.

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