[Webinar] The 13 Performance Metrics Your Insurance Agency Should Track (And How!)

It can be hard to know which metrics your agency should be tracking and how often you should be looking at these data points. Every agency will be different in what they'll look at, but you should track metrics that align with goals you've set for yourself and your agency.

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Tori Heerts

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Client Success Specialist

You'll learn:

The 13 metrics your insurance agency should be tracking
Why the most successful agencies track and monitor these metrics
How to use insurtech like an agency management system to track, monitor, and analyze
PLUS: Get an insider's peek at AgencyBloc's Custom Reporting, Advanced & Saved Searches, and Dashboard Analytics

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  • Why is data tracking and analysis important?

    For your agency to improve, grow, or reach goals you've set, you have to know how you're performing. The best (really, the only) way to do that is to track everything you can about your agency's day-to-day in a way that allows you to bring the data together for analyzation.

  • What metrics should I track?

    Every agency is different. There are countless data points you can track, so it can be hard to know which are the most important. You should be tracking metrics that align with goals you're trying to achieve. In this webinar, we'll be covering performance metrics that life and health agencies find beneficial.

  • What technology do I need to track, analyze, and monitor?

    This will all depend on how you're currently managing your book of business. Paper files and spreadsheets can prove to be difficult and tiresome when it comes to tracking data, let alone analyzing it. The best agencies are using CRM software or agency management systems (AMS) to track, monitor, and analyze their data.