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An Insurance-Specific CRM Made With Agency Needs in Mind

As a life insurance agency, your clients are depending on you for guidance and peace of mind when it comes to their coverage. Whether life insurance is your main product or a cross-sell opportunity, it’s essential to have a space to manage and track your sales. 

With industry-specific tools, like AgencyBloc’s Plus Suite of solutions, you can make life insurance management easier. Face the unique challenges of the life insurance industry — like underwriting and the extended sales cycle — with confidence and serve your clients better than ever before.

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"Since utilizing the commission feature on AgencyBloc, I now have the necessary time to help our customers. Also, the customer service that AgencyBloc extends is beyond compare. With AgencyBloc, you can be as detail oriented as you like, and rest assured that they will be there to assist you 100%."

Cathy B.
Camas Prairie & Seyer Insurance

"We’ve found the reports to be extremely beneficial in helping us track our book of business. By using the cross-sell report in AgencyBloc, our top two brokers have each been able to grow their life books of business by 20%!"

Mark B.
Thompson-Brooks Insurance

"AgencyBloc is the only CRM designed specifically for the health and life insurance industry, so it required very little customization. It's an intuitive system at a very reasonable cost with excellent and responsive customer service."

Chris G.
Northwest Farmer-Stockman Inc.

An AMS That Helps Your Life Insurance Agency Accomplish More

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FAQs About Our Life Insurance Agency Solutions

Life Insurance FAQs

  • AgencyBloc is designed to cater to insurance agencies and agents specializing in life insurance with its Plus Suite of solutions. Whether you work with term life, whole life, universal life, or other life insurance products, AgencyBloc solutions can help you streamline operations, maintain compliance, and enhance client relationships. 

  • AgencyBloc's AMS+ solution is a comprehensive agency management system that offers specialized tools and features to assist insurance agencies and agents in effectively managing their life insurance business. It helps streamline various aspects of life insurance, including lead generation and nurturing, client management, policy tracking, and automated compliance management, to improve efficiency and productivity.

  • AgencyBloc's Plus Suite offers a range of solutions tailored to the needs of life insurance professionals. Features include:

    • Client Management: Organize and centralize client data, communication history, and notes to provide personalized service and maintain strong client relationships.
    • Policy Tracking: Efficiently manage and track life insurance policies, including policy details, premium payments, and beneficiary information.
    • Compliance Management: Stay up-to-date with industry regulations and compliance requirements specific to life insurance to avoid regulatory issues and maintain a trustworthy reputation.

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