[eBook] Tips for a Productive & Profitable Open Enrollment Season

Are you ready to be more productive and profitable this open enrollment season?

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Tips for a Productive and Profitable Open Enrollment Season

Open Enrollment season is an incredibly busy time for insurance agencies. Between helping new clients find coverage and assisting current clients with renewals, your main focus is serving your clients, as it should be. However, now is the time to be sure you have the right toolset to service those clients in the most productive (and profitable!) way.

In this eBook, we’ll discuss what tools agencies need to have their best open enrollment season yet.

You'll learn:

  1. How to organize your data to save time and avoid errors (88% of Excel spreadsheets contain errors!)

  2. The 3 types of leads you should consider this OE season

  3. How to never miss a sales follow-up (50% of sales go to the first salesperson to follow-up)

  4. How to keep your new OE clients for years to come via cross-selling and client retention

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