Run insightful insurance commission reports with a customizable report builder.

Commission data holds many insights that help you understand your agency’s overall health. Use AgencyBloc’s robust commission reporting tools to identify:

  • Gaps and inaccuracies in carrier payments
  • The profitability of lead sources, products, and carriers
  • Top-producing agents/agencies
  • Top-producing products and carriers
  • Clients who qualify for a Broker Compensation Disclosure under the Consolidated Appropriations Act

Using this information, you can make informed decisions for the future, like which carriers and products you’ll offer, who you’ll staff, and how you’ll spend your money.

Commission graphs in AgencyBloc

High-Level Commission Analysis

Use Dashboard Analytics to access real-time, high-level overviews of trends to identify peaks and valleys at a glance. This lets you see areas that are doing well and areas that may need additional consideration. You can also track the payments you’ve received against what you planned to receive to know when inaccuracies occur.

Commission reports in AgencyBloc

In-Depth Customizable Commission Reporting

AgencyBloc’s Custom Reports let you dive deeper into the insight gleaned in Dashboard Analytics. Build reports that target specific data and use it to improve your agency and make the right decisions for the future. 

Popular commission-based reports in AgencyBloc are:

  • Total Commissions Received
  • Commissions Not Received
  • Commissions Reconciliation
  • Commissions Received by Carrier
  • Commissions Received by Policy Type
  • Total Commissions Paid Out
  • Commissions Paid by Agent
  • Commissions Paid by Agency

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