Email Marketing Software For Life and Health Insurance Agents

Create drip or one-time mass email campaigns and monitor their success in AgencyBloc's Email Marketing tool.

Use email marketing campaigns to keep in touch with customers.

An industry-specific agency management system, like AgencyBloc, takes your insurance email marketing to the next level by keeping the bulk of your mass communications in one place. It also saves you time and money associated with learning and investing in a separate email marketing platform. 

With AgencyBloc, you can create drip or one-time mass email campaigns and use tracking and analysis to monitor success. You can also use Automated Workflow to create and schedule campaigns throughout the year that include retention-focused touchpoints.

AgencyBloc's Email Marketing Campaign Builder

Mass Email & Drip Email Campaigns

Mass emails are written for a segment of your audience, often a large one, that qualifies to receive one specific message. Sending the message via mass email saves you time and effort in having to inform each individual separately. Examples of mass email campaigns include: 

  • Weekly or monthly emails
  • Newsletters
  • Other business-related information

Segmented Insurance Email Campaigns

Segmented email campaigns let you pinpoint specific groups of people to send relevant information via email. An example of a segmented email campaign is to alert your clients of upcoming enrollment periods and dates. Rather than send a mass email that includes all of the dates, you can segment your lists to distinguish between those who enroll during the Open Enrollment Period or Annual Election Period. This greatly reduces enrollment confusion.

You can also create a segment that includes your insurance agents to send them agent-specific information or policy-specific information. For instance, you could create a monthly newsletter for agents alerting them to carrier changes, upcoming CE-credit classes, and other industry news. You could also take segmentation a step further and send a monthly newsletter to group employees with a specific plan to share the added benefits available. 

AgencyBloc’s Email Campaign Builder lets you create targeted email(s), define the recipients, and send them to relevant audiences. 

Email Campaign Tracking & Analysis

AgencyBloc helps you monitor the success of your email campaigns by keeping track of:

  • Open Rate
  • Click Rate
  • Spam Rate
  • Bounce Rate
  • Number of Opt-Outs/Unsubscribes

Tracking this information helps you better understand engagement so you can continue to improve your efforts. Within AgencyBloc, you can display these results in either list or graph form to help you analyze the information and create an action plan. You can also pull up individual client information to see which communications they have received and with which they’ve interacted.