Mass Communication Tools for Insurance Companies

AgencyBloc's Automated Workflow and Email Marketing tools help you send the right message at the right time to simplify internal and external interactions.

Send out vital communication to your clients or agents with an easy-to-use agency management system.

Consistent communication with your clients and agents keeps everyone up-to-date and on the same track. AgencyBloc’s Automated Workflow and Email Marketing tools help you send the right message at the right time and simplify internal and external interactions. 

Automated Workflow is built for repetitive tasks that come up based on behavior, while Email Marketing covers mass email campaigns and drip campaigns. 

Communications in AgencyBloc

Mass Client Communication

Email Marketing in AgencyBloc helps you direct specific information to the clients that need it. Use filters within the campaign builder to target specific groups of individuals like agents, clients, opportunities, leads, or prospects.

For example, when a carrier launches a plan change, you can send a mass email to everyone who has that plan type and carrier combination only. Or, you can send an Open Enrollment notification email to everyone who participates in that enrollment period. Segmented email campaigns help you hone in on your audience to deliver pertinent information quickly. 

Workflow Automation for Agent Communication

Automated Workflow and Activities streamline internal communication to deliver informative messages to your agents. Create agent-specific Workflows to notify your agents of:

  • E&O renewals 
  • Licensure renewals 
  • New leads
  • Policies submitted
  • New clients
  • New opportunities
  • Opportunity stage changes
  • Other client-related touchpoints

Workflows send tasks to the agent’s Dashboard to alert them of what they need to do and how urgently it needs to be done.

Workflow Automation for Client Communication

Customer service sets your insurance agency apart from your competition. Use insurance workflow automation to stay in contact with clients throughout the year. AgencyBloc’s Automated Workflow also helps you schedule crucial follow-ups with clients. Send new client welcome emails, happy birthday wishes, and more.