Having the right technology in place can benefit every department in your insurance agency, GA, IMO/FMO, or call center. 

Industry-specific management platforms can make a difference and take your organization from surviving to thriving. Learn more about the benefits of using industry-specific technology.

In this blog, we’ll focus on how you can integrate your industry-specific management platform into every role and department in your insurance organization

We’ll cover the following roles and departments. Use the links below to jump straight to your position:

Industry-Specific Management Platform Solutions for the C-Suite/Leadership Team

As an executive, it’s important to understand the health of your organization. You need comprehensive information to assist in making informed business decisions, and it’s essential to have tools at your disposal that can make your job easier.  

Key Tools for You Using AgencyBloc Plus Suite Solutions

Dashboard Analytics in AMS+

Data is critical — it gives you a clear, unbiased look at your organization’s health. However, you don’t have time to slice, dice, and comb through countless pages of data. You need it in comprehensive, visual graphs and charts, like the Dashboard Analytics feature in AMS+.

Dashboard Analytics in AgencyBloc's AMS+ Solution

Dashboard Analytics in AMS+

Custom Reporting in AMS+

Where the Dashboard provides your team with the 10,000-foot view of your company’s data, Custom Reporting in AMS+ allows you to dig deeper to understand the why. Easily look into information, like:

  • The breakdown of all the groups or individuals in your agency
  • The number of in-force policies 
  • New versus old policies
  • Adds versus terms/drops/churn
  • Incoming commission payments versus paid commissions
  • The efficacy of sales initiatives
  • The performance of lead sources/lead vendors
  • Team/company productivity overall

Use Custom Reports to manage the KPIs (key performance indicators) that matter most for your team. Monitor KPIs monthly, quarterly, and yearly for direct comparisons and to get an accurate representation of the change in your business. Unsure of where to start or which graphs and charts to monitor? Check out our KPI blog.

Calendar in AMS+

Daily task management can be time-consuming. Our integrated calendar tool allows your leadership team to keep track of everything in one place. In addition to managing your own tasks (known as Activities in AMS+), you can use this tool to create and assign tasks to others and use our workflow automation tools to streamline the process.

Lynn S., KHI Solutions

“I recommend AgencyBloc to anybody who's running an agency and trying to keep track of agents, policyholders, and carriers. With AgencyBloc, you've got it all in one single place on the web, accessible 24 hours a day with backup. It's always been on for us. We've never skipped a beat.” —Lynn S., KHI Solutions

Heath H. Hovis & Associates

“AgencyBloc has streamlined our business. Operationally, it saves us time and money, especially with commissions. It has become integral to our Medicare AEP success.” —Heather H., Hovis & Associates

Industry-Specific Management Platform Solutions for the Commissions Manager/Commissions Staff

When it comes to commissions, every dollar counts. It’s no secret that commissions processing can be difficult, time-consuming, and frustrating — but it doesn’t have to be. There are a few tools you can use to optimize this process.

Key Tools for You Using AgencyBloc Plus Suite Solutions


Running commissions in a generic software solution or via spreadsheets can present many problems, including:

  • Human error
  • Extensive time commitment
  • Missed commission payments

A thriving company needs to have a system that can efficiently process commissions. Organizations using AgencyBloc’s Commissions+ solution have spent 75% less time processing commissions than they did previously with other tools and they’ve uncovered thousands of dollars in missing compensation

Start the process with our simple carrier commission import tools, then map your commissions with our integrated carrier-specific mapping functionality. Monitor the process and keep tabs on how much is coming in vs. being paid out. Track payment advances, adjustments, repayments, and more, giving your team the peace of mind that everyone is being paid appropriately. 

Dashboard Analytics & Custom Reporting in AMS+

In addition to processing commissions, you also need a way to analyze your organization’s commission data. Leverage robust commission reporting tools to get a pulse on commission activity and easily identify missed commissions, top-producing agents, profitable lead sources, and more.

Commission Graph in AgencyBloc's Commissions+ Solution

Commission graphs in Commissions+

Matt T., Central Ohio Group Insurance Agency, Inc.

“I truly did not know the value that I was getting when I first signed up with AgencyBloc. In the first year alone, my savings on commissions processing and recovering missing commissions payments more than paid for my AgencyBloc subscription. It has saved me money and it has made me money.” —Matt T., Central Ohio Group Insurance Agency, Inc.

Becca D., United Producers Group

“We have been able to recover over $69,000 in missing compensation with AgencyBloc.” —Becca D., United Producers Group

Industry-Specific Management Platform Solutions for the Office Manager/Administrative Assistant

As part of the admin team, your job is to help keep your company’s operations organized and customer service running smoothly. Industry-specific technology gives you a seamless way to manage and assign tasks, pull reports, access client profiles, access employee calendars and workloads, and more all in one centralized location.

Key Tools for You Using AgencyBloc Plus Suite Solutions

Insurance CRM in AMS

When it comes to customer service, access to client files and notes is critical — especially when a client calls and their rep isn’t available. In AgencyBloc’s AMS+ solution, your admin team can provide excellent customer service by quickly running a global search of all records to locate the client’s file, which includes information like:

  • A full list of their demographic data and relationships
  • Which policies that client holds or is covered by
  • Any notes about that client
  • Upcoming Activities for the client (like when a customer service rep or salesperson will be reaching out)
  • Essential documents (like SOA, Consent to Contact, summary of benefits, etc.)

Individual Summary View in AgencyBloc

Individual Summary View in AgencyBloc

Calendar in AMS+

Another critical role for administrators is knowing when different team members are available to help prospects and clients. Using the integrated Calendar in AMS+, the admin team can keep tabs on which team members are in meetings, out of the office, or available to take a call. This allows your organization’s operations to run smoothly and be the most efficient. You can also set appointments for different team members and use the Online Scheduling tool in AMS+ to streamline appointment scheduling with prospects and clients.

Insurance Automation in AMS+

In addition to greeting walk-ins, fielding calls, assisting team members, and preparing materials for the leadership team, the administrative team often also sets up processes that help the entire organization function. 

Leverage the workflow automation tools in AgencyBloc’s AMS+ solution to create processes that run automatically. Build the workflow once, then it’ll run independently ensuring that everyone knows what to do and when. Use these tools for internal processes, like:

Jen K., Universal Insurance Advisors, Inc.

“Our office moved to AgencyBloc 3 years ago, and we haven’t looked back. Our office can track our growth, whether it’s the number of policies written by an agent, agency, or with a particular carrier. All in all, AgencyBloc has made our great office, even better." —Jen K., Universal Insurance Advisors, Inc.

Ashley M., Next Level Insurance

“AgencyBloc is our everything. It powers the operations of our entire agency. You can create a workflow for literally anything. We have workflows running in the background for every aspect of our business. Since moving to AgencyBloc, we have never missed a deadline; nothing has fallen between the cracks.” —Ashley M., Next Level Insurance

Industry-Specific Management Platform Solutions for the Sales Manager

As a sales manager, your position is vital to the success and the future of the business. You must have a way to thoroughly manage and monitor the sales initiatives and efforts of your team. An insurance-specific management platform with comprehensive lead and sales management capabilities can give you and your team the tools to be more efficient and effective. 

Key Tools for You Using AgencyBloc Plus Suite Solutions

Lead Routing & Assignment in AMS+

Take control over lead assignments and automate the process with the lead routing rules in AgencyBloc’s AMS+ solution

When it comes to sales, speed is the name of the game and speed-to-contact is essential. Whether the lead comes via our lead import tool, API or lead vendor integration, manual entry, or our customizable lead form, it’s essential that the lead is assigned to an agent immediately. This is where lead routing rules come in.

Customize the rules to fit your team’s needs. Base the rules on data like lead source, state, or county. Then, choose a round-robin style of assignment or one specific agent to ensure your team never misses a hot lead. 

Lead Routing Rules in AgencyBloc's AMS+ solution

Lead Routing in AMS+

Sales Automation in AMS+

Speed-to-contact is one part of the sales process, the other is nurturing. If your team isn’t courting a lead, a competitor will happily do so.

Leverage the sales-specific workflow automation tools in AMS+ to assist with lead nurturing and automate the process. Use a combination of emails, text messages, and assignments to agents to ensure the lead has been touched and is receiving the attention they need. 

Sales Dashboard & Reporting in AMS+

Real-time sales analytics through the Sales Dashboard in AMS+ gives you key insights into your leads and helps you monitor the efficacy of your sales efforts. Get a visual breakdown of how hot (or cold!) leads are and create lists for specific information like unsigned Scope of Appointments forms, recent renewals, and more.

You can also use these tools to manage productivity. Oversee your agents’ workloads and production by monitoring their Activities in order to find ways to help them grow and reach their goals. 

Vanessa V., Voss Insurance Group

“We've been with AgencyBloc one year, and we love the streamlined processes. We wanted a system to centralize our client communications and commissions. AgencyBloc has saved us a significant amount of time; it allows me to do what I do best: finding new clients and training our agents.” —Vanessa V., Voss Insurance Group

Jason S., Stevens & Associates

“I can personally attest to the fact that we would not be able to keep up with production or maintain the reputation we have without AgencyBloc. It's one of the most valuable advancements our agency has seen. This transition has saved us 4x the cost of AgencyBloc just in administrative work.” —Jason S., Stevens & Associates

Industry-Specific Management Platform Solutions for the Sales Agent/Producer

As a health, benefits, and senior insurance agent, your goal is to efficiently manage your book of business, boost retention, and increase your conversions — an insurance-specific agency management system can be a huge help in all of this. 

AgencyBloc’s AMS+ solution is a scalable, industry-specific agency management system that helps you stay compliant and accelerate growth in your book of business. In addition to the insurance CRM, agents can also leverage the robust sales enablement tools in AMS+.

Key Tools for You Using AgencyBloc Plus Suite Solutions

Insurance VoIP & Click-to-Call in AMS+

Simplify prospecting efforts with insurance VoIP tools and a click-to-call dialer built into your industry-specific CRM. The integrated insurance VoIP tools in AMS+ include:

  • Click-to-Call: Easily make outbound calls or send text messages to prospects
  • Call routing: Route inbound calls to your AMS+ account or cell phone
  • Call queues
  • Customizable out-of-office/busy time greetings
  • Customizable playable recording for compliance

Plus, all calls using the dialer will automatically record and store the recording with the lead’s record to help you stay compliant with CMS regulations. 

Online Meeting Scheduler & Video Calling in AMS+

Streamline the meeting scheduling process with built-in online meeting scheduling tools in AMS+. Create one-time or multi-use meeting links to send in text messages or emails, and set up customizable automation to reduce no-show rates. Additionally, level up the meeting with integrated video conferencing tools all within AMS+. 

Electronic Compliance Management in AMS+

Compliance rules and regulations are ever-changing, and it’s essential that your management platform stays current with those needs. AMS+ is built for the individual health, group benefits, and senior insurance market, and evolves with the changing regulatory requirements. Take the worry out of compliance with the electronic compliance management tools in AMS+

Electronic Compliance Management in AgencyBloc's AMS+ solution

Electronic Compliance Management in AMS+

Electronically send Scope of Appointment (SOA) and Consent to Contact forms via email or text message directly from AMS+. Then, once they are signed, copies of the signed forms will automatically be stored in the contact’s record for easy reference. 

Task Management & Activities in AMS+

During the busy season, you have a lot on your plate. Ensure you stay on task and no lead falls between the cracks with integrated task management tools in AMS+. See a list of your tasks, called Activities, on the Dashboard or get a visual view of your list of to-dos in the integrated Calendar. Tasks are assigned either manually or automatically and include information like:

  • Status
  • Task priority
  • Associations (policyholder, group contact, policy number, etc.) 
  • Due date
  • Date of the last task update
  • Notes
  • Attachments

Ashby C., Benefits Now

“AgencyBloc has literally changed my entire business and my whole sales process. I cannot recommend it more highly.” —Ashby C., Benefits Now

Shirley V., Advantage Insurance Benefits

“AgencyBloc has helped our agents to be more efficient and effective with our business and with our clients.” —Shirley V., Advantage Insurance Benefits

Industry-Specific Management Platform Solutions for the Quoting Team

The quoting and proposal creation process for employer groups can be time-intensive. Using industry-specific technology allows your quoting and underwriting teams to save time and support more sales. 

Brokers spend on average 18 hours per small group per year

AgencyBloc’s Quote+ solution enables quoting and underwriting teams to streamline their processes and cut time spent servicing groups by 50% each year. 

Key Tools for You Using AgencyBloc Plus Suite Solutions

Group Quoting Tools in Quote

Shop quotes in one centralized multi-carrier marketplace housing an extensive product and plan library. Compare quotes for: 

  • Medically underwritten, level-funded, and self-funded plans
  • Community rated, fully-insured, and ACA products
  • Ancillary products (including dental and vision)
Integrated Medical Health Questionnaire in Quote+

If your organization sells medically underwritten plans, then you know how time-consuming gathering health data can be. Take the stress out of gathering essential medical data from covered individuals. Use the integrated medical health online interview tool in Quote+ to securely gather complete health underwriting information and map it to the carriers via our HIPAA-compliant software. 

Group Proposal Tools in Quote+

Make the presentation process easier with the customizable proposal tools in Quote+. Create and present employer-ready proposals quickly. Pull together quotes for consideration and include essential information like the benefit information, total employer costs for each product, monthly employer costs for each product, and the employee breakdown of cost for each product, including age-banded and composite rates. 

Clayton R., Apollo Insurance Group

“Since implementing Quote+, we've been able to significantly increase our companies under management and the premiums generated by them, while also decreasing our average sales cycle. We can now send initial quotes in 10-15 minutes after we get the census. Quote+ has been a huge benefit and advantage for us.” —Clayton R., Apollo Insurance Group

Dominic S., Benefit Profiles Inc.

“AgencyBloc has helped us build our business. It's the perfect tool for benefits professionals. I think whether you're a general agent, one-man agency, or a 25-person agency, AgencyBloc is perfect.” —Dominic S., Benefit Profiles Inc.

Industry-Specific Management Platform Solutions for Account Managers & Customer Service/Support

Growth for any organization comes from reducing churn and retaining clients. Whether you’re answering calls and providing quick support or an account manager managing the relationship with a client, it’s essential to have the tools that help you do your job effectively. 

Key Tools for You Using AgencyBloc Plus Suite Solutions

Insurance CRM in AMS

In order to service your company’s clients, you have to know who they are. The insurance-specific CRM in AgencyBloc’s AMS+ solution provides your servicing team with the information they need. Navigate to contact profiles for individual health, group benefits, and senior market clients or run a global search to quickly find the contact you need. Track critical information, like:

  • Contact demographics and relationships
  • Policy information
  • Communications (emails, text messages, phone calls, etc.)
  • Important notes and upcoming Activities/tasks
  • Attachments (including compliance, summary of benefits, personal information, etc.)
Client Retention Communication in AMS+

The #1 reason clients leave an insurance agency is due to a “lack of meaningful communication.” Many servicing teams fall into the rut of only talking to clients after they sell or renew and when they’re up for renewal. However, it’s essential to maintain touchpoints throughout the year to reduce churn and improve client retention. 

This is where automation and mass communication can help.

Happy Birthday workflow in AgencyBloc's AMS+ solution

Happy Birthday workflow in AMS+

Leverage the Email Marketing builder and client retention insurance automation tools in AMS+ to maintain a connection and create meaningful touchpoints. Use automation to streamline processes like new client welcome, new client onboarding, turning 26/65, and happy birthday communications. Use Email Marketing to send mass and targeted emails for holiday greetings, newsletters, enrollment season notifications, and more. 

Ned H., Havern Benefits Strategies

“Automated Workflow has helped our team stay organized and operate in the most efficient manner possible. It has really helped us build out our client service model and stay organized as we continue to utilize their great products going forward.” —Ned H., Havern Benefits Strategies

Jay B., Insurance Benefits Consultants LLC

“We service approximately 45-50,000 employees and around 200 groups with this system. I believe (and I have investigated) that this is the best system in the marketplace that you can use to service your customers.” —Jay B., Insurance Benefits Consultants LLC

Is AgencyBloc’s platform the right fit for your organization?

Finding the right platform for your insurance organization can mean the difference between accelerating growth and stunting it. 

AgencyBloc is the #1 Recommended Insurance Industry Growth Platform serving the health, benefits, and senior insurance space. Our suite of insurance-specific solutions can help your independent insurance agency, GA, IMO/FMO, or call center remain compliant and accelerate growth. We have solutions to support your company’s goals no matter where you are in your growth journey.

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