Using Activities to Create Workflow Efficiency

Activity Follow-ups

Using Activities to Create Efficiency

Each time you log into your AgencyBloc account, the first place you get directed to is the Dashboard. Think of this page as your "To-Do" list: what do I have due, what will be coming due at some point, and things I need to follow up on. As we all understand, setting reminders is vital to getting through a typical day. If you still utilize the "string-around-the-finger" tactic to remember events (and it still works), you are golden with your current process. If you are like the rest of us, we need as many helpful ways to remember events as possible to make our day more efficient.

Setting Activities

The key to being efficient in AgencyBloc is to create follow-ups through setting activities. Creating activities that will flow back to your dashboard with a follow-up date (due date), and possibly a follow-up time, help remind you why you tied the string around your finger in the first place. Your AgencyBloc account is set up to offer you reminders of events coming due, so why not take advantage of using an efficienct process already in place?

Your AgencyBloc account is set up to create activities at the Individual, Group, Agent and Carrier level. Activities can be created to follow up on items such as:

  • Setting appointments with new clients 
  • Following up on a request from an existing client who called you
  • Setting a policy renewal follow-up with your group
  • Remembering to call a carrier about a new product they are adding or about a policy quote you are waiting on for your agency

You can even set a reminder to yourself! Simply add yourself in as an Individual in AgencyBloc and create an activity to remind yourself of an upcoming seminar you wish to attend, or remind yourself to go through your prospect list and clean up where you are with them.

An activity can be set for a due date of the same day, the next day, or even push out the follow up due date for an entire year. If you have just completed open enrollment for the current year, you can set an activity today but set the due date out until the beginning of the next open enrollment period. Why would you do this when it's a year out? It could be that you have just spoken with your individual who has the policy or the contact at a group you just signed up. They conveyed to you that they may need changes for the next enrollment period. The conversation is fresh now, but what about next open enrollment season? Will you remember what they said? Why not create an activity now, set a due date out to a month prior to open enrollment and remind yourself of what the conversation was with your client. Chances are, knowing this information prior to meeting up with them during the next open enrollment will help remind them of their needs as well, giving you a solid performance rating with your client. And all you did was create an activity to remind yourself to bring it up next time.

Keeping Appointments

Additionally, if you are setting appointment times with clients, the activity setup offers a start and stop time option. So, you now not only have a meeting due date, you also have the time of the meeting on your dashboard. Simply put in the start & stop time, and your dashboard will also show this information without having to click on the activity to see it in the notes.

Calendar Integration

Most of you, if not everyone reading this, are currently using a calendar for day-to-day tracking of events and meetings due. From Microsoft Outlook to Google Calendars, if you are using a current calendar that has an option for a secondary calendar, your AgencyBloc dashboard activities can be sent to that secondary calendar via a URL link. Once the calendar is set up, you can view your AgencyBloc activities due on a day-by-day view from the secondary calendar contained within your current calendar. Most calendars will allow you a live link to click on the activity subject line and read the activity details as recorded in AgencyBloc. The activity subject details from the calendar view will also allow you to click a live link which will take you directly back into AgencyBloc to that activity feed in your account. We have detailed instructions in your AgencyBloc Help Section on setting up the activity calendar feed for your current calendar located in the grey gearwheel at the top right corner of your account.

Need help? Reach out!

If you have not used the activities tab in your AgencyBloc account and have wondered why the Dashboard tab is the first landing page but nothing ever shows up, we can help! Learning to use the dashboard and activities within your account will make you much more efficient as you work through your daily tasks. You already have the AgencyBloc account and are using the system to manage your data, so why not make setting follow-ups part of your daily routine as well?

If you would like more assistance with learning how to create and manage activities, please feel free to call us at 866-338-7075 and talk with a Client Success team member. We are here to help!

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Gary Marr

By Gary Marr on March 26, 2015 in Productivity

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