Will You Embrace Change or Be Devoured by the Change Monster?

Will You Embrace Change or Be Devoured by the Change Monster?

Will you be devoured by the change monster?

We’ve been talking a lot about using social media to market your business and technology in general, like an agency management system, to organize, automate and grow your business. If you haven’t dabbled in these things yet, they can seem overwhelming, especially when you’re considering changing CRMs or agency management systems.

However, change is inevitable as the insurance industry has shown in the past few years. And agencies who don’t make attempts to use technology to create efficiencies for themselves and their clients likely face issues keeping up.

No matter what kind of technology change you’re considering, it can be scary. Humans don’t like change in general because they feel out of control of the situation or uncertain of the effects of the change, and that’s understandable. But, there are things every organization can do to manage technology change. Patrick Forth talks about this in his TedTalk, “Technology disruption meets the change monster...who wins?” where he urges organizations to embrace change or be devoured by the change monster.

Watch it now:

Patrick Forth’s Tips for Managing Technology Change

  • Start with the leadership. Patrick says to “Challenge that mindset of unconscious learning.” He suggests that leadership needs to unlearn some of the biases or opinions on technology, and that it will help if your organization “adds executives to the leadership team who are digital natives.” These people can help others learn and grow with technology and get past the fear of change.
  • Consider the major organizational “skill set shifts” that need to happen. Patrick urges companies to “put digital and data at the heart of your operating model.” You should start investing time in learning about new technologies emerging in your industry. We’re constantly writing about and hosting events covering technology in our resources section.
  • Manage the change. Patrick is talking about “Making that change happen at scale, at an industrial level.” When you’re considering a new technology, involve team members in the purchase process to create buy-in. Make a big deal out of the implementation process and buy from a vendor who you trust to help you along the way.
“Competitive advantage will mean the speed and the effectiveness of your organization’s ability to change. Will you be able to change your organization’s clock speed from linear to exponential, or will you be devoured by the change monster?”
—Patrick Forth, expert in large-scale technology change management

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Kelsey Rosauer

By Kelsey Rosauer on July 28, 2016 in Technology

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