Create and maintain your policies with a comprehensive policy management system.

Policy management is the basis of any insurance agency. AgencyBloc gives your health and life insurance agents the tools they need to manage policies efficiently. 

Within our industry-specific agency management system (AMS), you can tie policies to carriers, agents, commissions, and clients to create a detailed view of everything connected to that policy. Easily navigate from the policy to the policyholder to access comprehensive notes during client calls and meetings. Manage policy payouts and payments to ensure your agents receive the correct amount for each policy they’ve sold. 

Automated Workflow gives your agents complete control of their policies by keeping them updated on renewals with timely email and task notifications. They also help your agents inform clients about policy-specific changes. 

AgencyBloc lets you pin real-time graphs to your Dashboard to monitor in-force policy saturation, policy type breakdown, new policies, and more. You can also run an Advanced Search to create a continuously updated list of clients to monitor renewals and cross-sells that allow you to grow your book of business from within.

Individual policy screen in AgencyBloc

Individual Insurance Policy Management

Manage your clients’ entire coverage suite in one centralized location. AgencyBloc is a contact-based system meaning all policies, no matter the number, are tied to the individual policyholder.

Track health, life, Medicare-specific, ancillary products, and more for each individual. Quickly locate an individual’s policy-specific information and other pertinent contact data from their client profile. Tie the policy to the client, then create additional relationships for the client, like spouse and children, to create a full family benefits view.

Group policy screen in AgencyBloc

Group Insurance Policy Management

Manage your group insurance policies at a micro-level to better understand individual needs within each group. With AgencyBloc, you can monitor insurance policy management services like:

  • Enrollments
  • Elections
  • Employment Classification
  • Relationships (and elections of those relationships)
  • Individual Demographic Data

Access a complete list of individuals that have elected coverage with you and the policies chosen. From there, drill down deeper to understand how each family utilizes the coverage and the individuals covered to answer client questions better. You can also create a group primary contact for simplified communication.

See Real Agency Experiences

"I like that information on carriers, clients and policies are online and accessible at our convenience. Even if out of the office, we can access policy applications and our communications quite easily as long as we have internet access."

Bill E.
The Edgar Group

"Before AgencyBloc, our office used a separate spreadsheet for every activity. One question from a client could take 5 minutes to answer simply because we had to locate in WHICH spreadsheet the info was hidden. Now, all communications, policy, and follow-up information is in one place. We would be lost without this product!"

SaraMarie B.
Insurance Advocates

"AgencyBloc has been a great solution for my health insurance office. I used to struggle with a generic CRM to make it specific to health insurance. There was always something missing. Now it is a breeze to track clients, policies and conversations. I highly recommend AgencyBloc as your CRM if you sell any health insurance product."

Tammy M.
McGregor Benefits

"AgencyBloc is a comprehensive system for an affordable price. It allows us to be well organized and to take care of all of our clients and prospects. We’re able to log all service calls, emails, sales prospects, and send policy renewal reminders. This allows us to provide a strong paper trail if and when we may need to resolve any E&O issues."

Mike R.
Fortress Benefits

"My experience with AgencyBloc has been amazing! Having all our clients in a database that is shaped specifically for our company's needs is a breath of fresh air compared to other CRMs I have used in the past. Having the commission statements linked to each policy has been very helpful in locating the commissions for filling out our Broker Disclosure Forms for our clients. The customer service is to the highest standard. There is no other CRM I would use in my office."

April D.
Insurance Solutions of the South

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