Account and Client Management Software for Health and Life Insurance Agents

Track your entire book of business in one system, regardless of whether you're an independent agent, GA, MGA, FMO, or IMO.

Track leads and manage client accounts with a feature-rich CRM designed for insurance agents.

Customer service is your biggest differentiator in the health and life insurance industry. An agency management system (AMS), built with your industry’s specific needs in mind, helps streamline account and client management to give you an edge over the competition.

We built AgencyBloc, our top-rated AMS, from the ground up for health and life insurance agents. It allows you to track your entire book of business in one system, regardless of whether you’re an independent agent, GA, MGA, FMO, or IMO.

Some of the information you can manage with AgencyBloc includes:

  • Individual status, demographics, and contact information
  • Client/prospect relationships (spouse, partner, children)
  • Past and future client/prospect communications (emails, phone calls, in-person)
  • Individual policies (health, life, Medicare, annuities, ancillary)
  • Group policies, elections, and enrollments
  • Policy renewals 
  • Individual lead/referral sources
  • Medicare ID, MBI, and effective dates (Part A & B)
  • Cross-sell opportunities using the Sales Pipeline

You can also create custom fields to track information and data in AgencyBloc that is not suited for the preset fields.

A Full-Scope Industry-Specific CRM

Our industry-specific client management system helps you organize, manage, and service your clients and prospects with ease. Within AgencyBloc, you can track leads, prospects, opportunities, clients, agents, policies, and carriers to create a comprehensive digital file for everyone you serve.

You can also attach relevant documentation, like emails, in-person and phone conversation notes, and more. Tracking this information helps you provide top-tier service for your clients and increase client retention.

Client Detail Screen in AgencyBloc

Add in Automated Workflow to streamline client communication and automate lead nurturing and management. Issue emails and task assignments to notify the policyholder and the agent of record to changes, policy renewals, and more.

Lisa R."I've been using AgencyBloc for about 3 years now. It totally keeps me organized. I couldn't exist without it!"
Lisa R., Lisa Reynolds Insurance Agency, LLC

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Advanced Carrier and Policy Management

Beyond providing client-centered customer relationship management, AgencyBloc empowers you to manage your policies and carriers better.

Carrier and policy detail screens provide snapshots of information about specific policies and carriers. Policies tied to carriers and clients simplify navigation.

Within the carrier detail screen, you can store passwords, emails, and other pertinent login information for swift carrier portal access. You can also add phone numbers, addresses, and other custom fields to make working with carriers efficient and straightforward.

Likewise, AgencyBloc’s policy screens allow you to track all of the critical information you need regarding every policy and coverage type. Key fields include:

  • Policy ID
  • Policy status
  • Coverage type
  • Premium
  • Number of lives
  • Pay frequency
  • Effective & renewal dates
  • Servicing agent (and additional agent/customer service reps as needed)
  • Election and enrollment