Agent Communication Software for Insurance Agencies

Streamline multi-agent communications with AgencyBloc's Activities Dashboard and Automated Workflow to assign tasks and ensure nothing is missed.

Use an agency management system to help streamline communication for your agents.

Communication between staff and agents is a crucial part of any successful insurance agency. Yet, it is a significant challenge without the right tools in place. AgencyBloc, an industry-specific agency management system, helps streamline multi-agent communications with robust tools. You and your staff can use the Activities Dashboard and Automated Workflow to assign tasks and ensure nothing is missed.

Automated Workflow uses predetermined scenarios to automate task assignments. For example, when a new lead comes in, a task is created for an agent to reach out immediately. Whenever data is updated or created, a Workflow can be issued to notify the agent of record via task or email.

Using these tools, your agency’s staff and agents receive the right information at the right time, creating more effective internal communication and better customer service.

The Power of Activities

Agents are assigned tasks, or Activities in AgencyBloc, in one of three ways:

  • Automatically generated by Automated Workflows
  • Created by another employee and assigned to the agent
  • Created by the agent for themselves

Activities in AgencyBloc are stored in the Activities Dashboard. When the task is assigned to the agent of record, they can conveniently access the task and all records associated with it. This helps them prioritize tasks based on importance and determine the next steps. Enhanced internal communication allows agents to focus on what really matters: servicing clients and prospects.

Automated Agent Task Assignment

Automated Workflow helps your entire agency work smarter, not harder. Standard operating procedure (SOP) Workflows help agents provide an optimal level of service to all clients. They can include new client onboarding, lead nurturing, and more. Workflows issue predetermined tasks and emails to alert agents on what action they need to take and for whom.

Agent License & E&O Management

Automated Workflow protects your agents by keeping their licenses and coverages up-to-date. You can create Workflows that alert agents of upcoming renewals for their insurance license and E&O coverage. When it comes to E&O, Workflows help agents in two significant ways:

  • Create a digital paper trail of interactions with each contact
  • Ensure their E&O coverage never lapses

Agents use Activities to track communications with clients and processes done within the agency to ensure standards and goals are met. Activities cannot be erased. This creates a permanent record that agents can rely on. They can also use this information to protect themselves should E&O issues arise.

Straightforward Lead Distribution

AgencyBloc’s lead-focused tools help agents better manage leads and lead distribution. For example, you can build a customizable Lead Form in AgencyBloc; then attach an Automated Workflow to it to instantly notify your agents when a new lead comes in. 

Speed-to-contact is crucial to winning a lead. Automation notifies agents so that they can contact the lead at their peak level of interest in a timely manner. Agencies reported saving over six hours on lead distribution during an average Annual Election Period with AgencyBloc.