AgencyBloc's Personal Dashboards

By Kelsey Rosauer on November 10, 2016 in Product Updates

AgencyBloc's Personal Dashboards

The Psychology of Personalization

As humans, we love to personalize things: our license plates, our jewelry, our coffee mugs, our grilling utensils. We also love to embroider our name on things like luggage and towels. We want the things we use to be unique to us and reflect us as an individual. We also expect marketers and salespeople to personalize their selling experience to us. The best current example of this is how almost all brands now use our first names in emails to us.

Why do we crave personalization? HubSpot cites a study from the University of Texas that says we want personalization for two reasons: “desire for control and information overload.” In their blog, they explain that when we get something tailored to us, whether it’s a physical item or an online experience, this satisfies our “desire for control.” We feel that we’re controlling the experience.

Next, HubSpot explains “information overload.” When we experience something personalized or have something tailored to us, this reduces information overload, “providing a more manageable framework for engagement.” These two ideas explain the concept behind AgencyBloc’s Personal Dashboard.

AgencyBloc’s Personal Dashboards

In order to see only what you care about (“desire for control”) and to reduce “information overload” (there is a lot of data you can get at in AgencyBloc), AgencyBloc users create personalized dashboards that they see immediately when they login. These include analytical graphs, charts, and saved searches that they “star” to place on their Personal Dashboard.

Personal Dashboards help the user laser-focus in on what’s important to them and continue to monitor and use that information on a daily basis. Depending on your role in your insurance agency, you care about different things from the next person. Here are a few examples of what Personal Dashboards might look like for different roles.

Agency Overview

As an agency owner, you likely want to get a “bird’s eye” view of your entire agency at any given point. Your dashboard might include items like:

  • Your agency’s activity list where you can see tasks assigned to your staff
  • A graph showing the status of all of your agency’s open activities—is the team being productive and keeping the ball rolling?
  • A pie chart showing all of your group contacts by type, like client, prospect, and ex-client
  • Or, if you don’t do group business, a pie chart showing all of your individual contacts by these same types above
  • A graph showing the status of all of your policies—what stage are they all in (active, pending, enrolled, etc.)?
  • A graph displaying all of your in-force or active policies by coverage type—what do you sell most of (health, life, med supp, dental, etc.)?

AgencyBloc Agency Overview Dashboard

Example of Personal Dashboard with Agency Overview Data

Commission & Revenue

Again, an agency owner or anyone dealing a lot with commissions and analyzing revenue might personalize their dashboard to include items like:

  • Top paying carriers—which carriers does your agency receive the most commissions from?
  • Top producing agents—who is bringing in the most business for you?
  • Graphs showing your Actual vs. projected commissions by month and by coverage type—are you bringing in what you thought you would be?
  • A graph displaying your new policies by coverage type—what are you selling a lot of lately?

AgencyBloc Commission Dashboard

Example of Personal Dashboard with Commission Data

Lead Generation & Sales

Every insurance agent is continually working on bringing in leads and closing sales. Being able to continually monitor the effectiveness of your efforts is important, and to do that, you’d likely consider adding items like the following to your Personal Dashboard:

  • Your own activity list where you can see tasks assigned to you along with due dates
  • Your groups and individuals by type—where are they at in the sales cycle?
  • Any individual and group leads or prospects not contacted in the last 30 days so you can assign follow-ups
  • Any leads you’ve contacted that are interested to make sure these people always have follow-ups scheduled to continue working them through the sales cycle

AgencyBloc Lead Generation Dashboard

Example of Personal Dashboard with Lead Generation & Sales Data

Service & Support

We know that selling to clients is only the beginning of your relationship with them, and service and support are incredibly important to creating loyal clients. Agents or staff with a service and support focus might add these items to their Personal Dashboard:

  • Your own activity list where you can see tasks assigned to you along with due dates
  • A graph showing the status of all of your open activities—are you being efficient in following up with clients?
  • A saved search of all of your pending policies so you can be sure they continue to move along in the process and that you can quickly pull up information if those clients call in asking about the status
  • All policies with renewals in the next 60-90 days (or whatever timeframe you prefer)—being proactive in communicating with your clients about policy renewals is an important aspect of keeping those clients
  • A list of agents with licenses or E&O expiring soon (choose a timeframe that you prefer)—if your agency supports internal or contracted agents, you can monitor this and set up automated emails to remind these agents of upcoming expirations like these

AgencyBloc Service & Support Dashboard

Example of Personal Dashboard with Service & Support Data

There are countless ways of setting up your own Personal Dashboard in AgencyBloc beyond the examples we just went over. The point here is to set up something that, like we said, helps you feel in control and only shows you information you care about. Personal Dashboards can be continually updated and changed as your role or focus may continue to grow or change.

See Personal Dashboards For Yourself

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