Introducing Dashboard Analytics: Use Your Data to Make Smarter Business Decisions for Your Insurance Agency

January 8, 2016 in Product Updates

AgencyBloc's Dashboard Analytics

Introducing Dashboard Analytics

Why do we make enhancements and add features to AgencyBloc? Because it’s an integral part of our culture. Our mission statement says:

Our mission is to provide powerful solutions by making the convoluted, straightforward.  We want our technology to transform the organizations that use it.

With that comes big responsibility. Though several of our team members come from the insurance industry, we know it's an ever-changing arena. So, we strive to continually learn from our clients and understand what their needs are.

So, how do we find out what our clients' needs and wants are? We utilize surveys a lot. We never want to assume we know what features our clients care about, so we use surveys to learn about needs we may not be aware of, or to confirm thoughts we have about features to develop.

Survey Results

From our 2015 Product Survey that was sent to our clients, we learned that, of several features we were considering developing within AgencyBloc, analytics was one that many of our clients said they would find "extremely beneficial."

One comment from a client on why they would find it beneficial stuck out:

"Instant snapshots of activity are always beneficial for prioritizing and stepping back for the big picture."

We love that our clients are already forward-thinking and trying to see the big picture, and we wanted to make that easier for them.

How does it benefit me?

AgencyBloc's Dashboard Analytics is an enhancement to the current Dashboard. It allows agents, agency owners and staff members to visualize their existing data in a way that facilitates smarter business decisions.

With these analytics, you can quickly see your own performance and the entire performance of your agency (if you're an agency owner). But, how does that actually affect your agency?

"Informed decision making is the foundation upon which successful businesses are built. As a decision maker for your business, you need access to highly visual business intelligence tools that can help you make the right decisions quickly." Rebeckah Blewett, Product Manager, Dundas Data Visualization

The Technology

Whether you're an agent or an agency owner, there will be graphs and charts for you to view. If you're an individual agent working for a larger agency, you'll only see your own performance within the graphs. If you're an agency owner, you'll see the performance of the entire agency including commissions data.

To give you a small sample of what you could see, here are a few screenshots:

Open Activities by Status

This graph shows your own personal progress on Activities assigned to you within AgencyBloc; there are another set of graphs similar to this one that show your entire agency's performance on Activities. These Activities include items like follow-ups for prospects, reminders for year-end reviews, and information regarding new applications.

Groups & Policies by Lead Source

This graph shows the lead sources of your Groups & Policies. This information is incredibly useful when trying to determine where to find new leads.

Top Commissions Received by Agent

This graph tells you who your top performers are. This helps an agency owner determine which agents are excelling and deserve recognition and which agents may need guidance or help. Information like this can help you become a better leader and motivator.

See it for yourself

This is only a small handful of the analytics that appear on AgencyBloc’s Dashboard. Graphs appear for all of your information: Activities, Groups, Individuals, Policies, Carriers and Commissions.

The best way to see how this could benefit your agency is to sign up for a personalized demo where you can speak one-on-one with someone from our team about your needs and to see the system for yourself.

Or, you can learn more in this eBook:

AgencyBloc's Dashboard Analytics

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