Lead Forms: Funnel Web Leads Directly into AgencyBloc

February 14, 2014 in Product Updates

We get to work with agencies all across the country (even Hawaii and Canada) and I'd say I've personally seen close to 300 different agency websites.  90% of those sites contained some type of lead form - whether it be a complicated "Get a Quote" form or a simple "Contact Us" page.  We all know and understand that this is a great way to gather leads.

Lead Form AdaptabilityAgencyBloc is excited to announce the release of Lead Forms.  Lead Forms allow you to capture or post lead information directly into AgencyBloc - they don't have to come just from your website either!

Integrate all these mediums with AgencyBloc to save time and streamline the lead generation process. Lead forms provide a simple way to turn visitors to your website or other online location into leads in your AgencyBloc account. Creating lead forms in AgencyBloc is simple and quick. Set up basic or more advanced lead forms and place them on your site. Then when visitors to your site complete the form, their information is funneled into AgencyBloc and assigned to the appropriate user (agent). That agent will get an instant notification of the lead and the sales process can begin.

Whether you're a non-technical or more advanced user, AgencyBloc lead forms make it easy to capture website visitors and get the sales process started. Non-technical users can appreciate the simple setup that is provided and technical users can appreciate the flexibility to create more advanced forms through the use of our API documentation.

AgencyBloc Lead forms

Getting started is easy. Just choose the fields that you want to capture on your form, copy the snippet of code, and add it to your website. A lead capture form - linked directly to your AgencyBloc account - will automatically be generated and displayed on your site. Qualified leads are funneled into AgencyBloc and ready to be followed up on.

Get started:

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