AgencyBloc's Sales Pipeline

By Kelsey Rosauer on April 20, 2021 in Product Updates

AgencyBloc's Sales Pipeline

Life & Health Insurance Agency-Specific Sales Tools

Life and health insurance agencies know the value of having clearly defined and documented sales processes—ones that any agent could come in and pick up immediately. They also understand the importance of tracking leads and deals from start to close so they’re better able to gauge the effectiveness of marketing & sales initiatives, determine potential revenue, set benchmarks, and easily examine the productivity of producers.

There are so many sales productivity statistics out there that point to the use of sales tools, processes, and consistent communication as indicators of sales success. However, many sales tools out there today aren’t geared towards life and health agencies specifically, so creating the right processes and finding the right technology for yourself and your team can be difficult.

To solve this, we’re excited to announce AgencyBloc’s Sales Pipeline—a new feature added to our industry-specific agency management system (AMS).

With AgencyBloc’s Sales Pipeline, your insurance agency can:

  • Improve follow-up efforts with new leads
  • Track contacts through the entire sales cycle
  • Keep opportunities or deals top of mind
  • See a clear, comprehensive view of what’s in your pipeline
  • Forecast potential revenue
  • Create repeatable sales processes that bring continuity, improve conversion rates, and streamline renewals
  • Build successful processes dedicated to each of your business types (life insurance, ACA, Medicare, group benefits, etc.)
  • Set and monitor sales goals and manage expectations with the team
  • Grow and improve using historical performance knowledge

Comprehensive Sales Pipelines for Insurance Agencies

With AgencyBloc’s Sales Pipeline feature, you can effectively manage leads and opportunities as they move through your sales process. 

View all of your individual and group leads in one place, and take advantage of advanced filters to find unassigned leads, leads that need follow-up, and more.

Search group leads

Then, work your opportunities within your pipelines. When you’re able to visualize your sales opportunities across the various stages they’re in, you’re more equipped to work through them effectively.

Sales pipeline stages

Sales pipeline closing stages

Using this methodology to visualize your pipeline, your sales team is able to work effectively. Kanban Tool explains: “Arguably, the strongest reason why it makes an instant impact on a team is the transparency that it allows. With all work items visible on a shared board, everyone knows what’s there to be done, who is engaged in which task, and, potentially - depending on the board’s nature - when specific items are expected to be done.”

The stages you have in your sales processes will vary depending on your agency type, product offerings, and more. Customize your Sales Pipelines to fit your specific business needs and improve the processes you already have in place today.

Kevin K., 3to99

“I am able to add new opportunities, track them through to completion, and create views that let me know in an instant what opportunities are open and working.” —Kevin K., 3to99

Trudy P., Diversified Life Solutions Brokers Ltd.

“AgencyBloc is amazing, simple to use, user friendly and has impeccable staff. They are always looking for new ways to improve and truly listen to their clients. They recently launched a sales pipeline feature that has truly changed the game for a one stop shop for all things CRM and Insurance management! Must try!” —Trudy P., Diversified Life Solutions Brokers Ltd. 

With this kind of visibility into your sales initiatives, you are able to make informed decisions about your business. 

Plus, with sales data in a central location, you’re able to monitor performance data with real-time graphs and charts. With this, sales managers can offer better guidance to their producers with performance data, and agents/producers can keep themselves accountable, as well.

Agent lead distribution chart

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