3 Steps to Never Miss a Policy Renewal Again

3 Steps to Never Miss a Policy Renewal Again

How to Automate Policy Renewals

Policy renewals are an important source of ongoing income for insurance agencies, but they don’t always go through smoothly. Though renewing the policy is the responsibility of the insured, it’s vital that the agent reminds their client far in advance so get the process started.

To be sure no steps are missed, automation is key here. No matter the size of your agency, you never want any of your clients to fall through the cracks. You want each client to feel like they’re your #1 priority, but that can be difficult and extremely time-consuming without automation.

So, how do you make sure you stay on top of policy renewals and never miss a step?

Automate Policy Renewal Communication

These next 3 steps are made possible through an agency management system (AMS) with email automation capabilities. These screenshots are from AgencyBloc, specifically. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

Enter policy renewal date
Make sure your policy record in your AMS has an effective date and a renewal date populated.
Enter client contact info
Be sure to gather that client’s phone number and email address when they become a client.
Set up your automated email campaign
Set up an automated email campaign to send to the client when the renewal date is approaching (setting this up once will continue to work with each new client that you add).

Select your trigger of a renewal date approaching and choose how early before that you’d like to contact your client:

Email Campaign Details

Select additional criteria depending on your needs:

Email Campaign Criteria

Select the number of emails you’d like to send (like one 2 months before and another reminder email a month later). BCC the Primary Agent of Record so they’re aware as well. After this, you’ll create your emails and save:

Email Campaign Setup

And that’s it! Set it up and forget it knowing your clients will be notified that their policy renewal is approaching and that the agent will also be notified to get the ball rolling on it.

Take it Even Further

As you can imagine, this kind of automation could be applied to several areas of your business: new client onboarding, new lead follow-up, agent E&O or license expiration, etc.

AgencyBloc will shortly be releasing an enhancement to their automation suite that allows for even more advanced workflow building. To put it simply, you can build workflow based on clients, prospects, agents and policies that trigger emails and/or activities that you can assign to internal employees or agents. You can be as simple or as advanced as you’d like. The goal is to simplify your work processes, increasing efficiency and decreasing errors.

Keep your eye out for the Automated Workflow release! Or, even better, schedule a demo today to chat with an expert on how the new feature can create efficiencies and increase productivity in your agency.

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By Kelsey Rosauer on September 8, 2016 in Automation

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