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Lead Generation is Agencies' Top Concern

For the past 3 years, in our annual Insurance Agency Technology Survey, we've asked life and health insurance agencies what their #1 challenge is. Each year "lead generation" continues to be the top answer.

Agencies' #1 challenge - lead generation

Image: "What is your agency's #1 challenge?", AgencyBloc Insurance Agency Technology Survey

Efforts to generate leads come in many forms: social media, email marketing, lead capture via forms on your website, online advertising, and buying leads.

All of these methods have their place and should be part of an entire prospecting strategy. In this blog, however, we're going to focus on how and where to purchase insurance leads.

How to Purchase Insurance Leads

Buying leads is convenient for agencies because it's a quick way to receive qualified leads without much work or time commitment on their part. But there's a key word there: qualified.

You do need to put in the work upfront when searching for a lead vendor who can provide qualified leads. You should not make decisions on who to buy from based solely on price per lead. It should be based on proven ROI and how likely those leads would be to convert. 

For example, leads that are sent to you in real-time when they're ready to purchase are much more likely to convert than obtaining a list of leads that you have no context around.

Where To Buy Insurance Leads From

The best way to buy and manage leads in an effective, yet efficient way is purchasing from a lead vendor who not only is reputable, but who also integrates with your agency management system (AMS) or CRM.

AgencyBloc, an AMS for life & health insurance agencies, integrates directly with several lead vendors and also has an open API that can be leveraged to work with other lead vendors.

The following are 3 examples of lead vendors AgencyBloc currently has an integration with.


ProspectZone is committed to being the best insurance leads provider in the U.S. and continuously strives to deliver the highest lead quality of insurance leads in the industry. Because of our proven lead volume and lead generation expertise, we are able to provide affordable insurance leads while still delivering quality sales leads for insurance agents and brokers.

NextGen Leads

NextGen Leads provides extremely high quality insurance leads, using industry leading technology to streamline the lead buying experience from end to end. Our lead generation experts are constantly optimizing toward a single goal: maximizing your profits.

All Web Leads 

All Web Leads is the premier Customer Acquisition Marketing business focused on the U.S. insurance industry, delivering tens of thousands of high-intent, qualified consumers to our customers every day.

Ask these questions of any lead vendor you're considering purchasing from:

  • do you have client case studies or testimonials about your leads that I can review?
  • how do you obtain these leads to sell?
  • who else has access to these leads? (some lead vendors have different "levels" you can purchase where the lead may or may not be shared with others)
  • how often do you have new leads for purchase?
  • do you have any sales statistics to demonstrate the quality of your leads?

Bottom line: make sure you're entering into a true partnership with a lead vendor who will complement the other prospecting methods your agency uses, not just buying stagnant lead lists every few months.

Lead Follow-Up & Management

Once you have these leads in hand, then what? Make sure you have a solid follow-up plan in place so you get the most from your investment.

Whether a lead comes in from your website form or is brought into your AMS and marked "lead", communication should happen immediately.

Lead follow-up graphic

Set up an Automated Workflow that sends an email right away to say, "I received your information and will be reaching out to you as soon as possible." This way, no matter what time the lead comes in on your website or is transferred to you, you're making contact.

However, you should always try to CALL right away anyone who raises their hand and wants more information about you. The chances of you closing the deal are significantly increased when you do this.

Automation for Life & Health Insurance Agencies: Using automated workflow to create efficiency & con

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