Insurance Agents: Are you REALLY listening?

Are you REALLY listening?

“We are losing our listening.”

Listening is the bedrock to conversation and relationship building. Conversation and relationship building are the foundations of insurance. Without listening, you will be hard-pressed to grow your insurance agency and keep your clients.

Are you listening or just hearing?

Julian Treasure, a sound and communication expert, defines listening as:

“Making meaning from sound.”

Listening takes up almost 80% of our day. How effective is your listening? If you don't know, then you probably have room for improvement. How do you do this? In this TEDtalk, Julian provides us with 5 easy exercises we can do to help improve our listening skills:

  1. Silence
  2. The Mixer
  3. Savoring
  4. Listening Positions
  5. RASA (Receive, Appreciate, Summarize, Ask)

To learn more about why we’re losing our listening and how you can become a better listener, watch this TEDtalk in its entirety below.

TEDtalk: “5 ways to listen better” by Julian Treasure:

Why does this matter?

52% of insurance customers describe themselves as “relationship buyers.” Strong relationships are built upon mutual respect and understanding. If your prospect doesn’t feel like you’re listening to them or that you really care, then they’ll feel a lack of respect from you and will be deterred from buying a policy with you.

Remember, conscious listening is understanding.

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Allison Babberl

By Allison Babberl on June 20, 2017 in Selling

Allison is the Marketing Content Specialist at AgencyBloc. She creates educational content and designs videos to promote AgencyBloc's resources to help you organize, automate, and grow your insurance agency. Favorite quote: “Conversation is the bedrock of relationships. Without it, our relationships are devoid of substance.” -Maribeth Kuzmeski  More articles


Get FREE tools and insights from AgencyBloc delivered directly to your inbox.