Create and present employer-ready proposals that allow employer groups to compare products side-by-side.

Generating proposals is a crucial step in the selling or renewal process for employer groups, and the process can be manual and tedious when building proposals from scratch. Simplify this process by using health insurance proposal tools in Quote+, an AgencyBloc solution, that quickly create detailed proposals for employer groups to consider.

Pull together quotes from various carriers that offer medically underwritten and community rated health plans as well as ancillary products, like dental and vision. Present these quotes in a professional, employer-ready proposal allowing your client to compare the products and plans side-by-side. 

Edit the proposal spreadsheet to add the previous years’ plan data to create a complete picture for the employer group to consider. The proposal displays extensive information, like:

  • The benefit information
  • The total and monthly employer costs for each product
  • The employee breakdown of cost, including the age-banded rate and composite rate
Proposal spreadsheet

Design Personalized Employer Group Benefits Proposals

Customize the benefit proposals to fit your agency’s brand and ensure you include the information that is most pertinent to your group. Using extensive filters, you can select which plan or product details are populated or left out on the proposal. Then, once your group has made their product selections, use Quote+ to quickly gather the necessary employee census information and map that data to carrier forms to complete the process. 

See Real Agency Experiences

"The software has streamlined how and what information we keep track of. What we appreciate most about AgencyBloc is, as they have grown they have not lost sight of what is most important when it comes to software and that is "Customer Service"."

Danette B.
Grace and Porta Benefits, Inc.

"AgencyBloc is the single best all-in-one insurance platform out there—and I've used just about all of them as the IT Director for Custom Health Plans. Absolutely any part of the system can be found from a top level search, and the lead system especially has unparalleled versatility for customization."

Steve P.
Custom Health Plans

"The software is very user-friendly and it's very easy to train new employees. The new hires have a very small learning curve; they're up and running day one. Adding clients is very easy and quick. The stability of the software has been the best part of using AgencyBloc."

Denise M.
Choice Enrollment

"AgencyBloc has been our time-saver and has helped our agency truly organize all of our operations. Way back to when Steve first talked to us and Tasha trained us, every person at AgencyBloc has been so helpful. It really says a lot about who you guys are and what kind of company you run."

Alex C.
Comfort Insurance and Finances

"My bottom line is really that I wholeheartedly recommend this system."

Morten S.
InsMed Insurance Agency

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