Efficiently create reports and present key metrics with easy-to-use reporting templates.

Target the information you need by running industry-specific reports. Use AgencyBloc’s pre-built standard templates or build Custom Reports to fit your agency’s specific needs. Report on a variety of information, including:

  • Commissions
  • Policies     
  • Agents
  • Individuals
  • Groups
  • Carriers
  • Relationships
  • Custom-Built Fields
  • Demographic Data

For full recipes of reports to build, download our free report templates.

Sales production report in AgencyBloc

Business Production Reports

Production reports offer a comprehensive view of everything your agency is bringing on and losing within a given timeframe. Often called “adds and terms,” production reports help you identify churn and see which parts of the year are your most successful. Adds and terms are usually run year-over-year or month-over-month and by coverage type, carrier, or agent/employee.

Activities Report in AgencyBloc

Agency Productivity Reports

Better understand the inner workings of your agency by tracking productivity and efficiency. Utilize Activity-based reports to see what’s being completed and what remains outstanding. Run both completed and not completed Activity reports on your policy, group, or contact/individual to get an in-depth view of your agency’s overall productivity.

Policy reports in AgencyBloc

Policy Tracking Reports

Policy tracking reports monitor the ins and outs of all the policies in your book of business. Policy-based reports share insights to help you make more informed business decisions on where to pivot regarding future carrier partnerships and product offerings. Popular reports AgencyBloc clients run include:

  • In-Force Policies
  • New Policies by Carrier
  • New Policies by Coverage Type
Group enrollment census report in AgencyBloc

Group Policy Tracking Reports

Run group-specific reports to improve customer service and better monitor census, enrollment, and elections within group policies. Common group policy reports agencies run include:

  • Employee Census
  • In-Force Policies for a Specific Group
  • Enrollments & Elections
  • Terminated Employees for a Specific Group
Leads & Opportunities reports in AgencyBloc

Lead Nurturing Reports

Monitor your incoming leads and lead sources with lead nurturing reports. Use this information to view your conversion rate for lead types and lead sources to determine the most profitable. Track new leads by agent, lead source, status, and all Activities regardless of completion.

Producers reports in AgencyBloc

Sales Reports

Better monitor your sales team to identify peaks and valleys to help you understand where you can assist. Sales reports offer insight into sales efforts to inform you when changes need to be made, hires added, and more. Pending policy reports are a typical basis for sales reports to view what’s in the sales pipeline, how long it’s been there, and which Activities are due to help move it along. This gives your sales team the knowledge of what sells best and where to place additional efforts.

Commission reports in AgencyBloc

Commission Reports

Run commission-based reports to see which policy type and carriers are most profitable, carriers or products to add/drop, and uncover inaccurate and missing payments from the carriers. Commission reports agencies use include:

  • Commissions Received
  • Commissions Not Received
  • Commissions Paid Out

See Real Agency Experiences

"I am so happy I decided to use AgencyBloc. I'm able to add custom fields and build reports specific for my needs. The automatic emails are a lifesaver! There are more functions that I haven't even utilized yet that I know will help improve efficiency, productivity, and grow my business."

Danielle S.
Elite Senior Insurance

"We’ve found the reports to be extremely beneficial in helping us track our book of business. By using the cross-sell report in AgencyBloc, our top two brokers have each been able to grow their life books of business by 20%!"

Mark B.
Thompson-Brooks Insurance

"What we’ve accomplished in one year with AgencyBloc far exceeds what we accomplished all those years with GBS. We’ve saved $30,000 annually on generating reports and are retaining 90% of our business since moving. It’s the best software decision this company has ever made."

Jeannette T.
Health Insurance Store, Inc.

"I love how this is setup specifically for Life and Health agents. There are an endless amount of customized reports that can be ran. This is setup so that if you are a single person or if you are an agency or even if you oversee multiple agencies this is built for it."

Joshua D.
Davis Insurance Resource

"We have found AgencyBloc invaluable to the organization of our client data. We use reports to help us set goals and track progress, email marketing to reach out to clients on a regular basis, automated workflow to make sure we do not miss important tasks, and notes and activities to assign future tasks! This program has helped us to be more efficient and professional."

Tara W.
Westhouse Insurance Agency, LLC

"AgencyBloc is a tremendous help to our agency. They have easy-to-understand and prebuilt graphs and reports, allowing for easy insight into the data that matters. We have been able to grow our agency and save upwards of 20+ hours weekly on the commission tracking alone! They continue to make improvements and strive to provide the best product they can."

Kyle A.
Tomlin Benefit Planning, Inc.

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